How to Take Care of Your Tape Measure Properly

One of the reasons why you should choose tape measures to be your length measuring tools is its easy-to-maintain advantage while it provides great functions that you can’t obtain from an ordinary length measuring tool. Even though easy, if you don’t take care of it properly, it will break apart early. Here are some simple … Read more

Ultimate Guide How to Use Tape Measures

Using a tape measure is basically easy. Things that you need to consider are the hook and the tape. On this page, we are going to discuss how to use the hook and read the tape. If you know how to use it and read the marks properly, that’s good, whereas if you are still … Read more

Accuracy & Precision: What is the Difference?

Accuracy and precision are two important things in measurement. Both of them determine how reliable and trusted a certain instrument is. As someone who will be using a measuring instrument, it may be difficult to differentiate them. Here, we have a good chance to break it down altogether. Accuracy It means how close the measurement … Read more

How a Tape Measure Works: How It Is Retractable

A tape measure is actually a long ruler that can be bent and rolled-up so that we can get it housed in a case then pick it anywhere. It is a problem solver when we need a portable long range ruler. That’s why carpenters, builders, etc are those who always pick tape measures for their measurement needs. … Read more