What is Caliper? Benefits, Parts, & Types

A caliper is a precision measuring instrument that has the flexibility to measure various dimensions such as thickness, outside diameter, inside diameter, length, width, and depth of an object in a single tool. It’s a very complete tool to support your multiple dimension measurement. It can measure with good accuracy. The accuracy (resolution) of calipers … Read more

Tape Measure Types

Generally, a tape measure is similar to a ruler, in which the way we use it is by sticking it on something we are measuring. However, there are some stick-out differences that we can observe. Tape Measure Vs. Ruler The easiest way to observe it is by comparing it to a ruler. Firstly, its blade … Read more

Popular Tools for Length Measurement

Length is one of the physical quantities that we frequently measure in our daily activities. Distance from house to the office, the length of a desktop, the range between a shooter and the targeted deer, etc are some of the examples. All the measurement result either in metric (meter) or imperial (feet) scale. Tools to … Read more

Guide & Tips: How to Fix a Broken Tape Measure

You may experience a bad day with your tape measure. Unluckily, it’s suddenly broken while you are using it. Instead of buying a new one, you decide to fix it. That’s a good idea. You can save time and some money. How to fix a broken tape measure is basically easy. You can do it … Read more

Guide & Tips How to Calibrate a Tape Measure

Before you go measuring, it’s better off calibrating your tape measure to ensure its accuracy. How to calibrate a tape measure is easy. It just needs a tool which is commonly called calibration tool. Once you diagnose your tape measure using the calibrator, then you can decide whether to continue using it or fix it … Read more