A Quick History of Micrometer

The word micrometer itself is a combination of two Greek words. These words are “micros and “metron”, the meaning of micros is small and the meaning of metron is measure, both of them combine to give micrometer its name. William Gascoigne was an astronomer who first invented a micrometric screw while measuring the star in … Read more

Best Laser Measuring Tool for Appraisers

Real estate appraisers are people who provide the value of a property or land. The location of the property and other various aspects are kept in mind to determine the value of any property. The appraisers develop an opinion of the value of any property based on factors such as location, area, size, build quality, … Read more

Laser Measure Working Principle

A laser measure is a measuring instrument that measures the length, height, and width of various objects. Unlike a typical metal tape measure, it uses a laser beam to get the required measurements. A typical tape measure uses a metal blade that extends out to get the measurements. It may bend or sag but the … Read more

What is Laser Measure?

A laser measure is an alternative to a typical basic tape measure. It’s the solution when the typical basic tape measures have some limited capability such as measurement range. It is designed to measure lengths, widths, and heights of different objects with the help of a laser beam. Even, it can calculate the measurement itself … Read more

What is Micrometer?

A micrometer is one of the linear measuring instruments, provides accuracy down to 1/100 of a millimeter. Even, some of them can reach 1µm accuracy. It’s truly a hand-held tool that you can rely on to measure something very thin or to get more detail about the thickness, length, diameter, and depth of an object. … Read more

Working Principle: How A Caliper Works

In terms of measuring the distance of the internal-external dimension and diameter of an object, it is a lot harder to do with a conventional measure like ruler. However, it’s a lot easier with a caliper. There’s a lot to be said for a caliper, but how it actually works? How does it serve to … Read more