How to Measure Paper Thickness

There are some tools to measure paper thickness: rulers, calipers, micrometers, and thickness gauges. All these tools surely have advantages and disadvantages. In this page, we are going to review those tools and the ones we recommend including the specific products. Why Measure Paper Thickness? The thickness of papers obviously determines the quality and durability … Read more

What is A Micrometer Used for?

Because of its capability in providing accurate measurement, many work fields rely on the micrometer. It is widely used in metalworking, machinery, mechanical engineering, laboratory, home use, engine building, hobby (cartridge reloading), etc., all the things that need high accuracy. It measures thickness, inside diameter, outside diameter, length, and depth. There is actually a wide … Read more

Micrometer Accessories

Micrometer accessories are some additional tools to make the micrometer more powerful. In spite of secondary tools, these accessories are important to get another benefit which for a range of people very important to have. Micrometer Stand Instead of using your hand to perform a measurement, micrometer stand functions to hold the micrometer you are … Read more

Beginner Micrometer Buying Guide

If you are a newbie in micrometer, you have to look for something to guide you. There are numerous micrometer types that might be confusing. Choosing the right one is necessary. After creating a list of micrometer buying guide before plus the infographic, in this opportunity, we are going to share with you some micrometer … Read more