Best Digital Caliper Reviews

The need for the best digital caliper is getting on demand since digital caliper is the most popular caliper that people use. But what does the best digital caliper actually define? What does make us state it as the best digital caliper? How to choose it? What is the best one for the money? In … Read more

What is Measurement Traceability?

Traceability in measurement or measurement traceability is the condition where no links are missing to the real agreed reference standard. The real agreed reference standard means a particular reference that the nations over the world agree to establish it as standard. For example, the nations over the world establish the path traveled by light in … Read more

Parallelism Vs. Flatness

Parallelism and flatness are two terms in measurement that contribute to the accuracy of your precision instrument. Especially when working with a micrometer, flatness and parallelism takes an important role to generate a reliable measurement. But what are actually parallelism and flatness? These two words seem to be similar to hear. But they are actually … Read more

IP Rating Scale Explained

Have you ever realized that the measuring tools we recommend often labeled with this kind of rating code: IP64, IP65, IP67? Such as the best digital micrometer Mitutoyo 293-340-30 IP65. Yap, it’s the code that we are covering here. It’s the code that informs the users in a quick way about something. What is IP … Read more

Vernier Vs. Dial Vs. Digital Caliper

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vernier, dial, and digital calipers? This is a great question. You may be wondering to buy which one is the best suit for your needs. Since it may be a bit time-consuming thinking of them, here we help you figure it out. On this page, we have a … Read more

The Best Feeler Gauge Reviews 2020

A feeler gauge is a tool that is basically designed to measure gap thickness. However, in fact, people also use it to set and adjust in order for a gap to have a certain thickness. Measuring a small gap is impossible to do with a regular precision tool such as caliper, especially when it’s located … Read more