Best Engraving Pen

The best engraving pen will let you easily and accurately engrave on a surface such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, stone, ceramic, etc. You could engrave your name, someone’s name, animal, flower, anything that you want. People also buy this in order to mark their belongings. You could also use this to mark your measuring … Read more

Best Marking Gauge

We face different challenges every day, the same thing with woodworking. Scribing could be a difficult task when it needs to be the same distance to the edge of the working piece. Therefore, you need the best marking gauge. Manually, you would have to use a ruler and a marker to make a line (mark) … Read more

Best Jewelers Loupe (Loupe for Jewelry)

Jewelers loupe is a loupe designed for jewelry. It must generate a view that is clean, clear, crisp, contrast, sharp, no fringing color (color-corrected), and most importantly no distortion (no blur). It also provides a sufficient wide of view that makes the eyes comfortable to focus on. It’s a handheld tool. There is the cover … Read more

Best Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Tire tread depth gauge functions to measure the wear level of a tire by measuring the tread depth. It’s an important tool to maintain tire performance and your safety as well. It’s actually like a depth gauge. However, it has some modifications smaller. The graduation is in inch and divided into 32nds division. Compared to … Read more

Best Automatic Center Punch 2020

An automatic center punch is a useful tool to make a dimple on the surface of metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, stone, and even leather. The dimple is not only meant to be as a mark but also functions to guide the drill bit. Expectedly, the bit drills in stably; not wander all over the place … Read more

Best Hour Meter 2020

Basically, an hour meter functions to monitor the running time of your engine. In fact, in some cases, it is also equipped with the capability to trace the engine RPM. Therefore, some may say it as a tach hour meter. Because there are two functions in a single tool: tachometer and hour meter. There are … Read more

Best Paint Thickness Gauge 2020

Are you going to buy a used car? Wait a moment! You need this tool before going further, a paint thickness gauge. As the name suggests, it’s a measuring tool that functions to measure the paint thickness of a particular surface. Because this tool is commonly used to inspect a used car, we will discuss … Read more

Best Dental Loupes 2020

Dental loupe is an essential tool for dentists. It functions to magnify the work field so small objects inside the mouth can be seen detailedly such as teeth and gum. Unlike the other loupes (jewelers loupe for example), this kind of loupe has a quite long focal point which is intentionally designed so that the dentist … Read more

Best Propane Tank Gauge 2020

Whether you are grilling a BBQ chicken at the backyard or using propane-powered appliances in your RV, it’s critical to regularly check your propane tank. The monitoring will permit you to schedule the refill. Most importantly, it’ll avoid running-out when it’s been being used. There are several types of tools used to estimate and even … Read more