Best Tape Measure Holder

Simply, a tape measure holder is an accessory to temporarily store your tape measure during the work when it’s not being used. It’s commonly placed around the waist by hooking it on your pocket or belt. In some cases, the holder comes with slots where the belt weaves through it. Because it’s around the waist … Read more

Dial Caliper Brand Reviews

Who makes the best dial caliper? This is actually debatable. Each person has their own preference. Some may concern with the build construction, accuracy, durability, cost, repairment, country of manufacturing and even color. There are numerous dial caliper brands such as Starrett, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Fowler, Accusize Tools, Insize, Anytime Tools, HFS, Hornady, Taylor … Read more

Best Grease Gun Coupler

Grease gun coupler allows you to lubricate grease fittings (zerks) with ease. You don’t need to hold it while your second-hand pumping up the grease gun. You could now let both your hands to pump the grease gun much more freely. Thanks to the jaws. It’s the part of the grease gun coupler that attaches … Read more