Best Geiger Counter

Do you work with or around radiation? Geiger counter will help you perceive the level of radiation. An electrical instrument that detects several kinds of ionizing radiations is known as Geiger counter or Geiger-muller counter. It can identify different types of ionizing radiation like alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, neutrons with the help of … Read more

Best Anemometer Reviews

Anemometer is a speed measurement tool. It’s designed specifically to measure wind speed and air flow rate. However, it’s not weird that a single anemometer comes with other measurements. It benefits you to cover as many measurements as possible. There is a broad application of this instrument including for home use, HVAC, sailing, paragliding, drone … Read more

Best Tally Counter

A tally counter is a tool to count the events. The mechanism can be either a digital or mechanical. In some cases, it can be a software or app, which is installed on your devices. Typically, a mechanical tally counter is encased with metal material to protect the internal mechanical components. A digital tally counter, … Read more

Best USB Tester

A USB tester is a simple measuring tool that is widely utilized for several measurements of the electrical properties of USB. It measures the USB current, voltage, power, charging speed, discharge capacity, and so on. In addition to its functions, simultaneously, the current state of the art of the USB tester can also be applied … Read more

Best Hourglasses

An hourglass functions similarly to a timer. It’s a tool to measure the time. However, unlike a digital timer that you are probably able to change the time interval, the time interval of this kind of time measurement tool is totally fixed. It contains two vertically attached glass bulbs with a small neck in the … Read more

Best Spectrum Analyzer

A spectrum analyzer is a test instrument that functions to measure and visualize the signal amplitude over a certain frequency range. The screen visualizes them in a graphic of amplitude vs frequency. The signal amplitude is displayed on the Y-axis, while the frequency range is displayed on the X-axis. The signal amplitude is commonly expressed … Read more