Best Logic Analyzer Reviews

Are looking for a logic analyzer for your projects? You must be in a need to analyze multiple signals, right? Sure, this is the instrument designed for that.

In a nutshell, Logic analyzers are an important and effective instrument for testing and analyzing digital signals. They enable the engineers as well as developers to thoroughly investigate the inside operation of logic circuits.

There are several choices available but it may take your time to decide which one to pick. Here, we did comprehensive research and comes up with the ten best logic analyzers currently available in the market. This list of options will help you a lot.

You could read as well some basic guides from us before making a purchase. If you are in a rush, see the conclusion section to see which one that we recommend. So, let’s dig into it!

1. Digital Discovery
Digilent 471-033
[Best Overall]
- 32 channels
- 800 MS/s sampling rate
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2. Logic Pro 16- 16 channels
- 500 MS/s
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3. LA5016 USB- 16 channels
- 500 MS/s
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4. Logic Pro 8- 8 channels
- 500 MS/s
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5. KeeYees- 8 channels
- 24 MS/s sampling rate
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6. Comidox- 8 channels
- 24 MS/s sampling rate
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7. SainSmart
- 4 channels
- 100 MS/s sampling rate
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8. Loto OSCA02L- 6 channels
- 100 MS/s sampling rate
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9. DHL LA5016- 16 channels
- 500 MS/s sampling rate
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10. Perytech
- 16 channels
- 200 MS/s sampling rate
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Top 10 Best Logic Analyzer Reviews in 2023

1. Digital Discovery Digilent 32 Channel Logic Analyzer [Best Overall]

Digital Discovery Digilent 471-033 best logic analyzerThe Digital Discovery Digilent 32 channel logic analyzer is a top speed testing and measuring gadget that enables engineers to measure and analyze digital signals. Unlike a typical logical analyzer, this analyzer provides five modes of operation by integrating different modules.

Along with a logic analyzer, it works as a digital pattern generator, protocol analyzer, virtual digital I/O, power supplies, customizable sample rate, and the number of channels as well as selectable logic levels.

It comes up with a high-speed adopter as well as 24 high-quality logic probes. This device has an extraordinary sampling speed of 800 MS/s with a selectable logic level between 1.2V to 3.3V.

This device is designed with 32 input channels, all of which can operate at 800 MS/s. Waveforms are the software that provides a user interface to visualize, measure, and simulate a large amount of digital data. It also includes a software development kit and builds in script editing that allows the users to automated the detection and measuring process.

The hardware also consists of 16 channels port which is used for pattern generation. It also allows the configuration of Digital input samples as well as channel numbers. 16 channels are available for virtual digital I/O including LEDs and buttons ideal for logic training applications.


  • Consist of 32 input channels
  • High sampling speed of 800 MS/s
  • Programmable power supplies

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  • The super-fast result with precision and accuracy
  • Allow customization of sample rate and channel number
  • Provides five digital instruments: Logic analyzer, Digital Pattern Generator, Protocol Analyzer, virtual Digital I/O, Power Supplies


  • Pricier than typical logic analyzers
  • Low level of protection with plastic cover

2. Logic Pro 16 Logic Analyzer [Amazing User Interface]

Logic Pro 16Logic Pro 16 is our second best logic analyzer that is suitable for professionals. It provides 16 channels, a sampling rate of up to 500 MS/s, and a logic voltage range of 1.2V – 5.5V.

The user interface/software is powerful. Its view is awesome and intuitive to use. The physical appearance represents its quality. On the screen, it’s not only showing logic signals but also analog signals. Most importantly, it allows you to decode a lot of protocols (more than 23 protocols).

The connection to the PC uses USB 3 micro b (super speed) but you could use the USB 3 only. Make sure your monitor is wide for maximum satisfaction in taking advantage of this logic analyzer. Even though it’s expensive, it’s worth every penny and comes with a 3-year warranty. Download the software here. It’s compatible with all systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

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3. InnoMaker LA5016 Kingst Logic Analyzer [Best Affordable]

LA5016 Kingst Logic Analyzer Best Cheap Logic AnalyzerIf you need an affordable logic analyzer but have maximum advantages for the price, InnoMaker LA5016 should fulfill your need. Though it’s considered low priced, it provides an amazing amount of input channels which is 16 channels. Its sample rate speed is up to 500 MS/s.

Even, you can run those 16 channels using that 500 MS/s sampling rate. This spec should take your attention.

There are many protocols that can be analyzed using LA5016 such as SPI, I²C, UART/RS-232/485, JTAG, Manchester, Parallel, IR-NEC, CAN, MIDI, and many more.

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4. Logic Pro 8 Logic Analyzer

Logic Pro 8Perhaps, Logic Pro 16 is too expensive. Don’t worry. If you don’t need more channels, but want the same quality, Logic Pro 8 should be your choice. It has great specifications such as 8 input channels, a sample rate of up to 500 MS/s, and a logic voltage of 1.2V – 5.5V.

The same with Logic Pro 16, you could feel how great the software is. For compatibility, it will work on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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5. KeeYees USB Logic Analyzer 8 Channel

KeeYees USB Logic AnalyzerKeeYees is a highly recommended logic analyzer if you are doing microcontroller, FPGA development, or ARM Systems. It consists of 8-channels for the input of digital signals. Each channel has a sampling rate of 24 M/s, whereas 10M/s is considered enough for dealing with a wide range of occasions.

It comes with 12 pieces of SMD IC6 colors testing hook clips, which are perfect for utilizing a 24MHZ logic analyzer. This device is not only compatible with logic analysis software but also for open-source programs like B. Sigrok (protocol analysis of RS232, 1-wire, I2C & SPI).

KeeYees USB logic analyzer enables you to solve the Complex product-related problems of MCU, especially for IIC, SPI, URT, and various other communication debugging. It delivers a very furnish GUI and protocol decoding.

This device can collect signals even when data analysis is in process, like URT, 12C, sampling, and analysis. It operates between the voltage range of 0-5V. A variety of protocols like SPI, IIC, 12S, Custom, Async, 1-white, CAN, UART, SMBus, and PS/2 can easily monitor and decoded with this device.


  • Good samples speed of 24Msps
  • Compatible with logic analyzer software as well as various open-source programs

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  • Comes with a crystal of ±20ppm along with a frequency rate of 24 MHz.
  • Able to accurately detect signals up to the time limit of ±42ns.
  • It can support a wide range of protocols such as UART, SPI, CAN, Parallel, Search, Async, PS/2, etc.
  • Compatible size and easy to use


  • Fix sampling rate
  • The small number of input channels

6. Comidox USB Logic Analyzer

Comidox USB Logic AnalyzerComidox is one of the most cost-efficient logic analyzers currently available in the market. This inexpensive logic analyzer is designed with 8 digital singles channels. It possesses a sampling rate of 24M/s, enough for performing a variety of operations.

This device supports two software: Saleae logic analyzer software and PulseView software developed by Sigrok. It operates between the voltage range of 0-5.5v of which 1.5 is the threshold voltage. Below 1.5v is appraise as low, while above 1.5v is considered as high voltage. It has a maximum sampling rate of 24MHz but can also operate at 24MHz, 16MHz, 12MHz, 8MHz, 4MHz, 2 MHz, 1 MHz, 500KHz, and all the way down to 25KHz.

Comidox USB logical analyzer enables us to get twice the result with half effort in the communication debugging of UART, IIC, and SPI. Efficient sampling rates help in the automatic analysis of SPI, IIC, UART, and various other standard protocols.

It is a very handy and portable analyzer specially designed for fieldwork. Comidox supported Pulseview software has a graphical user interface (GUI), development libraries, and a command-line component. These features make it easy to add custom protocol decodes and run your analysis function.


  • It has a crystal of ±20ppm with a sampling rate of 24MHz
  • Supported with twice standard software: Saleae Logic Analyzer & PulseView

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  • It is very Cost-Efficient
  • It can operate at a wide range of sampling rate


  • Low level of accuracy
  • Compatible with few standard decoding protocols.

7. SainSmart LA104 Handheld Logic Analyzer

SainSmart LA104SainSmart LA104 is a handheld logic analyzer with a 2.8-inch TFT color screen and a built-in battery. It operates on the sample speed of 100 MS/s. The outer shell of this smart logic analyzer is built up of CNC machined aluminum alloy.

The compact size and portability make this device more attractive for small projects. A built-in powerful battery of 500mAh provides a lasting operational time. It has four input channels that can operate at a speed of 100 M/s. The compact size, lightweight, and portability make it easy to carry everywhere.

This device is certified by CE and FCC. It can monitor and decode various communication protocols like UART, SPI, and 12C. SainSmart LA104 contains 8MB of USB flash disk memory for effectively compare and store the analyzed data.

It accurately detects and examines signal up to 10 ns with the input impedance of 1MΩ. A large TFT color screen (320 × 240) enables us to directly monitor the captured signals without connecting to the computer.


  • It has a large TFT screen of 2.8 inches with a built-in battery of 500mAh.
  • Certified by CE and FCC

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  • Minimum detection of pulse width: 10ns
  • The high sampling rate of 100 M/s


  • Limited Features
  • Low accuracy level
  • Support low number of communication protocols

8. Loto OSCA02L PC Logic Analyzer + Oscilloscope

Loto OSCA02L PC Logic Analyzer + OscilloscopeAs mentioned in the name this device works as a logic analyzer and oscilloscope. Loto OSCA02L is a 6-channel logic analyzer with a 2-channel oscilloscope. Each channel can operate at the highest sampling rate of 100MS/s.

It provides a 1KHz square wave as a reference signal output with 1.5v peak to peak voltage (Vpp). The device can decode different communication protocols like UART, IIC, etc.

This device has 2Mb of memory against each channel for waveform recording and playback. Here, DE-15 is used for the extended use of the oscilloscope as a logic analyzer.

It gives overload protection up to ±60V. Shortly, this device is very useful for those who want an integrated model of an oscilloscope with a logic analyzer.


  • High Sampling Rate of 100MS/s
  • Work as an oscilloscope as well as logic analyzer by connecting the DE-15 module

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  • It can automatically measure different parameters of captured signal such as Duty cycle, Minimum, Maximum, RMS, Peak to Peak, Frequency, average, rise time, negative and positive pulse width
  • Highly recommended for hardware and field engineers


  • It supports only two communication protocols
  • Only one channel has the triggering capacity

9. DHL LA5016 USB Logic Analyzer

DHL LA5016 USB Logic AnalyzerLA5016 is a high-performance and competent logic analyzer with 16 input channels. All the channels can operate at a high sampling rate of 500 MS/s. the minimum pulse width of 6.25ns can easily be detected and analyzed through this device.

It has a hardware sampling depth of 50 M/channel along with a maximum compressed depth of 10 G/channel. This small gadget supports a variety of communication protocols like JTAG, DMX512, HDMI CEC, UART/RS-232/485, 12C, 12S/PCM, CAN, Modbus, 1-wire, NEC Infrared, Parallel, USB 1.1, SDIO, LIN, PS/2, and UN I/O.

It is very lightweight and compatible in size for carrying outside. Operating voltage can vary from 0 to 5.5V. It has the ability to detect, analyze, and export from the 16 channels simultaneously.

Exceptional memory storage of 1GB makes this device more attractive for developers. It can support different operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10. XP, Vista, and Linux. DHL LA2016 can measure bandwidth up to 80M.

The software decodes the recorded data and confirms the standard protocols. This data is finally displayed on the main panel of the software.


  • All channels can operate at 500 MS/s
  • A significant amount of input channels: 16
  • Support a wide range of communication protocols

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  • A remarkable amount of Internal storage up to 1GB
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) frequency range of 0.1-20MHz
  • PWM can easily be adjustable with 5ns accuracy


  • Plastic hardware can easily damage in harsh environments.
  • Cannot support MAC operating system

10. Perytech PLA16128 Logic Analyzer

Perytech PLA16128Perytech PLA16128 is a very accurate logic analyzer with a reasonable price tag. This device is capable of detecting signals from 16 input channels simultaneously with a maximum sampling rate of 200 MS/s. Its user-friendly interface, portability, and lightweight capability enable this device more compatible with developers and field engineers.

Perytech PLA16128 covers a wide range of communication protocols such as 1-wire, SD 1.1/2.0, PS2, UART, 12C, SPI, 12S, USB 1.1, CAN Bus, S/PDIF, Lin Bus, SSI, Microwire, SM Bus, 3-wire, Miller, Manchester, Modbus, PMBus, Jtag, SWD, RC-5, HDLC, HDMI CEC, GPIB, UN I/O, Wiegand, ESPI and MIDI.

Digital signals having these communication protocols can be easily detected and analyzed with this high-tech device. It operates on DC 5v with a 500mA current. Perytech PLA16128 logic analyzer support Window XP/ Window 7/ Window 8.1/ Window 10/ and Window Vista as well.

Its hardware functions consist of Noise filter, Width Trig, Data Filter, and Trig Delay. The software gives us demonstration mode without hardware. Different functions like Move Synchronously, Bus analog Display, Bus decode, Bus packet Trig, etc. are also provided in the software.


  • An excellent sampling rate of 200 MS/s is available in each channel.
  • Almost covers all the communication protocols

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  • 16 input channels
  • Allocation of 128K memory for each channel
  • High compression ratio (more than 1 million)
  • Warranty up to 3 years


  • A little bit pricy
  • Large in size 5.31 ×54 × 0.98 inches, with 1.03 pounds

What is A Logic Analyzer?

Logic analyzers are the testing devices that are broadly utilized for evaluating complex logic circuits. They convert the received data into protocol decodes, timing diagrams, state machine traces. Logic analyzers are also very effective in correlating assembly language with the source-level software.

Advanced triggering capabilities of logic analyzers allow its users to perceive and analyze timing relationships between different digital signals. Though, oscilloscopes can carry out many of the operations of a logic analyzer but are unable to manage the relative timing of an enormous number of signals.

Essentially, logic analyzers display the traces of several digital signals at a time in order for the users to easily monitor and investigate. They generally come with a variety of configurations from traditional to the smarter ones which possess a high level of flexibility and processing capacity.

They are typically designed for monitoring about 32 to 200+ channels simultaneously. Handling such a big line of digital signals enables them to track and find faults in much more complex systems. The horizontal time axis, as well as the vertical axis, are used for indicating low and high states on the display screen.

Digital signals are entered from different channels and transformed into the low or high state for advanced processing. Although various variants of these test devices are available in the market, they are broadly classified into three categories: Modular Logic Analyzers, Portable Logic Analyzers & PC-based Logic Analyzers.

They are especially attractive and useful for analyzing logic with many controllers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC), Mixed-signal processor (MAP), etc. Logic analyzers provide a comprehensive view of data movement and processing operations within many embedded systems at a time.

Buying Guide to Logic Analyzer

Since a wide range of logic analyzers are currently available in the market, how do you know which one is the best and right to align with your requirements? There is a lot of technical specification that need to be considered. While buying a logic analyzer following points should be kept in mind:

1. Type of Logic Analyzer

You have to decide which kind of logic analyzer are looking for? They came in three different types, portable, modular, and PC-based. Each type has a certain set of advantages and disadvantages worth considering.

  • Portable logic analyzers are large boxes similar to an oscilloscope. They generally consist of a screen with various buttons and knobs. This usually does not require a separate computer.
  • Modular type logic analyzers can be rack-mounted. They require a separate computer with specific software for collecting and analyzing data.
  • PC-based are similar to modular analyzers that require a host computer to capture the visualization of waveforms.

2. Number of Channels

There is a technical specification that needs to check out. The most basic and important need is to figure out the number of channels available on the logic analyzer. Channel is an input line for receiving a digital signal. The number of channels varies from 8, 16, 32, 34, and so on. A large number of input channels enable you to debug parallel communication busses.

3. Sample Rate

The sample rate is the second most important consideration. It determines the shortest amount of time in which your analyzer can effectively measure different readings from captured signals. For example, if your device has a sample rate of 50 MS/s, it means it can sample a signal 50,000,000 times per second. A good rule of thumb is that you need a sample rate of digital signal 4 times faster than its frequency.

To help you understand what the sample rate is, you could read our article about ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). Read the “sampling rate” sub-title.

4. Bandwidth

You need to examine the bandwidth of the logic analyzer. It shows the maximum level of frequency that a logic analyzer can handle.

5. Other Factors to Consider

Other factors like triggering, protocol, over-voltage protection, differential signals, output capability, ease of use, and support are also needed to be considered thoroughly.

Buying the best logic analyzer can be dismaying, but hopefully, this guide will help you to navigate some important technical specifications. When you are looking for a logic analyzer, search for different brands across different platforms. Compare the specifications, price, and most importantly certification of different logic analyzers. This process helps you to choose the most effective and cost-effective logic analyzer.

Conclusion: Which One that We Recommend

Your best logic analyzer actually depends upon your choice and requirements. However, if you have no idea what to choose, let us suggest.

In our opinion, Digital Discovery Digilent 471-033 logic analyzer is the best logic analyzer of all. The main reason behind considering this device is that it provides a maximum sampling rate of 800 MS/s across 32 input channels. It is very accurate and provides five modes of operation.

Logic Pro 16 is also the best logic analyzer for the second choice. Its user interface (software) is fantastic and easy to use. Debugging either parallel or serial communication busses is easy due to its 16 input channels.

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