Best Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

Multi-angle ruler is an essential tool in metalworking and woodworking. If you are a carpenter, builder, plumber, craftsman, roofer, floor layer, etc, this tool helps you duplicate the size of your main workpiece. Then you can print that size to your next workpiece and cut. It’s a kind of template. So your job becomes faster and accurate.

When there are a lot of workpieces that need to cut with the same size, this tool is so much helpful. It can be a multi-adjustable template. The size can be changed anytime we want.

A typical multi-angle measuring ruler has 4 sides. Hereby, you could make any shape that has 4 sides such as square, rectangle, trapezium, parallelogram, etc. You just need to determine the length of each side or simply copy the shape of the main workpiece.

There are also the other multi-angle rulers that have more than 4 sides. In this case, you are the one that knows more about what you need. The shape of your workpiece matters.

In regard to the price, we see that this is a good investment. It will not rob your bank. A unit is only about $10. However, if it’s more than $30, it seems not a fair price.

In the following section, you’ll see a table and 10 product reviews about the best multi angle measuring ruler. They are collected from the market and most importantly they are our favorites. Let’s see what we have.

ProductPictureMaterialSidesBuy from

1. Strongman Tools

Aluminum Alloy

4 sided

2. Amenitee

Aluminum Alloy

4 sided

3. Bluebana

Aluminum Alloy

4 sided

4. UBeesize

Aluminum Alloy

4 sided

5. Braxtly

Metal Alloy

4 sided

6. Midelo

Aluminum Alloy

4 sided

7. Pilpoc

Stainless Steel

4 sided

8. Kegouu

Aluminum Alloy

6 sided

9. Zota

Aluminum Alloy

6 sided

10. Amenitee

Aluminum Alloy

6 sided

Top 10 Best Multi Angle Measuring Rulers

1. Strongman Tools Heavy Duty Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

When there are a lot of options available, Strongman Tools is the perfect choice when it comes to the best multi angle measuring ruler. It’s made of aluminum alloy which means solid but pretty lightweight. So, it can give a great experience of measuring and last for a long time of use.

This item comes with a lifetime guarantee. It means that your satisfaction is their priority. In addition, this one comes with other accessories as well.

A Strongman Tool multi-angle measuring tool has 4 sides. The two longest sides are 25 cm and the two shortest sides are 12 cm. The graduation is in imperial (inch) and metric (cm).

2. Amenitee Angle Layout Measuring Ruler

Amenitee is the second brand that we favor. It’s also favorited by many customers as we see on the market. Things such as last longer and solidity are the quality that you will get from this stuff.

The way to use it is also very straightforward. Adjust the ruler as you want. There is graduation in inch and cm that will help you determine and adjust the length of each side as you want. Afterward, you have to tighten the nut until the ruler is considerably not slipping again. And then you could line with your pencil or other markers.

There is no option to use this multi-angle ruler especially if you are doing floor layering, building, roofing, and tiling.

3. Bluebana Aluminum Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

No matter your profession, whether you are a carpenter, DIY hobbyist, builder, plumber, craftsman, roofer, floor layer, etc, you may have to make something repeatable with the same size. By using the Bluebana angle-izer ruler, you can create your own template so you can fast up your work.

You are not only speeding up the process of copying the size but also feel its yellow contrast color that will help you read the graduation easily.

Whatever the shape of the template you prefer, whether trapezium, square or rectangle, it is definitely designed to do it. The reason why we put this on the third favorite is because of its warranty. It’s only back up with one year warranty.

4. UBeesize Aluminum Alloy Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

The next multi angle measuring ruler is from Ubeesize. This Ubeesize provides you simplicity and speed to duplicate 4-sided shape and angle of a particular object, and then paste it into another workpiece such as wood, brick, etc.

It’s easy to adjust and slide. The knob helps you lock the ruler to keep in place preventing the ruler from moving. If you have a limited budget but won’t miss out on the advantage of this tool, then this one is okay to go on.

5. Braxtly Tools Metal Alloy Multi Angle Ruler

This is the best multi angle measuring ruler that comes with metal alloy material. It’s not clear what metal alloy the manufacturer means. From the observation through the customer reviews, it’s just made of metal.

As a tool for professionals, this tool is equipped with an instruction manual. So, you won’t mislead on how to use it. Based on the majority of reviews, they give us a piece of good news. So this is another best angle-er you have to give a try, the best template tool for copying angles and shapes.

6. Midelo AngleBuddy Aluminum Alloy Multi Angle Ruler

According to the advertising, this is a perfect tool for contractors, carpenter, roofers, tiler, and DIY-ers. But, it’s actually helpful for a wide range of users.

Like other rulers that are similar in terms of function and shape, this tool can transfer the shape and angle with ease. You copy the angle of a certain workpiece, then transfer and print it to other workpieces (wood, brick, tile, etc).

What makes us like this option is the price and accessories that come with it. By buying one unit, you also get a clip-on bubble level, a pouch, and a 6-in-1 multi-tool. That’s a great set of stuff you need in woodworking.

7. Pilpoc Stainless Steel Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

Looking for a stainless steel angle measuring ruler? Here you could take a look, from Pilpoc. This is a great choice since there is mostly made from aluminum alloy. So, this is the only option that is made of not from aluminum alloy.

However, as we discover from one of the customer reviews, the stainless steel that composes the ruler’s body attracts the magnetic things. Perhaps, this is a sign of a higher percentage of nickel. But we can ensure that it’s because of the nickel.

Regardless of whether it’s true stainless steel or not, this is another nice option for you if the aluminum alloy model doesn’t suit your needs.

8. Kegouu 6 Sided Angle Measuring Ruler

The shape of your workpiece is important to think of. When buying a multi-angle ruler, it has to suit the workpiece shape. That said, when dealing with a hexagonal workpiece, the conventional 4-side model cannot be reliable to do the job. This is how Kegouu multi-angle ruler becomes an important tool for your woodworking life.

There are 6 sides/rulers. The maximum length (printed) is 12 cm. All sides are equal in terms of length. The graduation is in imperial (inch) and metric (cm) which is suitable for anyone.

What makes this tool becomes more unique is the hole locator. If an accurate hole drilling is so much important for you, then the hole locator is designed for that.

9. Zota 6-Sided Angle Measurement Tool

On the picture beside, you are staring at another option of the 6 sided multi angle ruler that we find worth it to share. It’s Zota 6-sided angle ruler, a nice tool to pick when dealing with duplicating the workpiece shape that has 4 sides.

Like Kegouu above, each side has 12 cm in maximum length. They are made of aluminum alloy which means not easily rust, last longer, and fairly lightweight. It comes with some nuts to tighten and untighten the rulers, preventing slipping.

Although it’s 6 sided, it doesn’t mean it’s not able to use for rectangle or square workpieces. Simply remove two rulers and two nuts, now it becomes 4 sided angle ruler.

10. Amenitee 6-Sided Aluminum Alloy Angle Measuring Tool

The last choice goes toward the Amenitee brand. Whenever you want to transfer the shape, dimension, and angle, you can do it with this tool. Instead of guessing, working with this tool makes your job more accurately accomplished, especially when you are working with an angle finder.

Since made of aluminum alloy, it makes the ruler’s body feel solid but light, won’t rust and last longer. This material also makes the price possibly affordable rather than using stainless steel material.

How to Choose Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

There are some important things we have to take a look at before deciding to buy. These are our looks.

1. Workpiece Shape

If going to duplicate the main workpiece that is a rectangle, simply you require the 4-side model. But when it’s hexagonal, you have to choose the 6-side model. In some cases, you would be better off picking up the 6 side model because anytime you want you could change it to be 4 sides by removing some of the nuts and rulers.

Duplicating the triangle is possible but not easy. You have to unscrew the nut and let three sides to use. But we don’t recommend it.

2. Material

You have to find the best one that is durable but fairly lightweight. They have to last for a long period of time, won’t rust easily, and solid. In addition, lightweight means it’s easy to carry around.¬†Actually, you could prefer the heavyweight one. The heavy one feels solid. But, preference is different depending on your personal choice.

3. Great Nut

The nut has to tighten the ruler so that it doesn’t slip when you mark or make the line. A great nut will work out as expected. If it’s slippy, the shape can change in terms of the size, further, the accuracy can be impacted.

Last Words

Using the best multi angle measuring ruler is a great experience. It fasts up our work and makes all the jobs simple. You could directly copy the shape of the main workpiece and then duplicate the shape into other workpieces. Another way is to determine your own length for each side. Buying a unit of multi angle measuring ruler will save you time and money.

Looking for the best ruler for woodworking or metalworking? See what we gather here.