Best Propane Tank Gauge

Whether you are grilling a BBQ chicken in the backyard or using propane-powered appliances in your RV, it’s critical to regularly check your propane tank.

The monitoring will permit you to schedule the refill. Most importantly, it’ll avoid running out when it’s been being used.

There are several types of tools used to estimate and even measure the remaining propane: pressure gauge, weight scale, magnetic stripe, and ultrasound gauge. But what is the best one to use?

Actually, each of them has different advantages. Some work best for grilling (outdoor/wide space) while the others work best for RV (indoor/in compartment/tight space).

That means, not all propane tank gauges will work in any situation. Moreover, they have typical drawbacks that you have to consider.

Propane tank gaugeIn this coverage, you’ll notice our selection of the best propane tank gauge available on the market and the reviews. You’ll also see what we recommend it for, which one is the best for RV or grill.

BrandPictureBrief DescriptionTypePrice
1. Levelcheck
[Best Overall]
- Ideal for RV
- Works at the curved area
- 20, 30, 40, and 100 lbs


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2. AP Products
- Ideal for RV
- Works for horizontal tank
- 16, 20, 30, 40, and 100 lbs


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3. Grill Gauge- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- 15 and 20 lbs tanks
- Lift and take the reading


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4. Astor- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- for 20 lbs tanks


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5. PBKay
- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- 20 lbs propane tank
- Lift and take the reading


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6. Gasland- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- for 20 lbs tanks


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7. Dozyant- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- for 20 lbs tanks


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8. Shinestar- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- for 5 to 40 lbs tanks


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9. Gaswatch- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- 16 to 20 lbs propane tank
- Bluetooth connection


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10. F. King- Ideal for grilling and alikes
- 20, 30, and 40 lbs
- Bluetooth connection


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Top 10 Best Propane Tank Gauge Reviews in 2023

1. Levelcheck Truma Ultrasonic Propane Tank Gauge [Best Overall]

the best propane tank gauge

If you’re looking for the best propane tank gauge that works best in any situation and even under extreme temperature, then LevelCheck Truma ultrasonic tank gauge is the best choice. It can check the level in the range of 5°F up to 104°F. So, even though it’s freezing out (32°F/0°C), this instrument should work out.

Aside from that benefit, this LevelCheck propane level checker will allow you to use it for most cylinders. It works for cylinders with a diameter from 8″ to 14″ such as the 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, and 100lbs cylinders. As it is difficult to find a propane tank gauge for a 100 lbs tank, this gauge will be good news for you.

Using it is very straightforward. Push the head to the side tank for 3 seconds and the reading will be taken. During the 3-second pushing, you’ll see the orange light flashes out. After that, there would be red or green light appears. The red shows no propane at that level while the green shows propane at that level. Make sure to stick the head into the side of the cylinder perpendicularly for 100% accuracy.

However, among its gorgeous benefits, this one just works for steel and aluminum tanks only. Others such as plastic tanks, butane tanks, and horizontal tanks are not. Also, you have to make sure no plastic sticker and no rust on the cylinder because it can cause inaccuracy. For a more accurate reading, ensure the head checker is dry and clean before the checking.

This is an ultrasound propane tank checker. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and accurate. That means, it’s ideal to use for most applications. Whether it’s for RV (tight space) or grill (free space), it does the job very well. However, we only recommend this for RV and one that uses 100 lbs propane tank. For other purposes, the cheaper one is preferred.


  • Versatile, easy to use, simple, lightweight, and accurate
  • Suitable for 100 lbs propane tank
  • Reliable to use under an extreme temperature
  • Recommended for RV
  • Works to detect propane level in the curved area of the tank


  • The reading could be unreliable for a soiled or corroded tank
  • Pricey

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Instruction on how to use Truma LevelCheck can be watched on the following video.

2. AP Products 024-1001 Mopeka Wireless Propane Tank Gauge [Best for RV]

best propane tank gauge for RVAP Products is a propane tank gauge that consists of the sensor and an app. The sensor, as you could see the picture beside, will be mounted at the bottom of the tank by means of the two magnets on the backside of the sensor. And the app, which allows you to monitor the propane level remotely through your smartphone with Bluetooth connection, will be positioned in your grip.

This gauge can be used for horizontal tanks. By default, the app only serves heights of 20, 30, and 40 lbs tanks. Else is not listed. However, you could input a new size. On the setting, click the “Arbitrary” option on the Tank Size section. Then, input your tank diameter. The percentage will be gained from the height of the remaining propane compared to the tank diameter (total height).

In addition, this Mopeka propane tank gauge also actually works for a 100 lbs tank. As said before, you need to make a little custom setting. However, we would like to prefer this one AP Products 024-2001. This model is designed for 100 lbs and more tanks and provides more accuracy for sure.

No worry if the sensor hits the floor because the three spacers that come with are made to create space between the sensor and the floor. That space will free the signal to travel properly to your smartphone. The spacer would lift the tank up about 1/4 inch while the thickness of the sensor is 3/16 inch. So, it’s more than enough. Also, you could estimate whether this thickness fits the tank compartment or not.

It uses a replaceable CR2032 battery, may last about 6 – 12 months. This kind of battery is easy to find. The battery life may decrease when used in a low-temperature environment. You could buy the battery replacement early.

This based-on sonar technology indicator comes with another model AP Products 024-1000 that has a separate stand-alone monitor. It benefits you to save your smartphone battery. Besides, the monitor will be easily put at the place you want where it’s easy to read. Unluckily, it only handles two sensors while the app can do more accounts.


  • Very recommended for RV
  • Remotely monitored
  • Propane tank gauge for horizontal tank
  • Works for 100 lbs tank


  • You have to clean off the tank from rust or debris for better accuracy

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3. Grill Gauge G-1200 Weight Propane Tank Gauge [Best Scale Model]

best propane tank gauge scaleActually using the weight is the most accurate way to measure the propane left inside the tank. Unlike the pressure which can change due to the change of temperature, the weight is constant. Grill gauge G-1200 comes with this working principle.

It’s easy to use, just requires you to lift the propane tank. Just hook and lift! The display will present the reading. Interestingly, the pointer will stay in place even after you remove the hook so that it’s easy to spot. But, it only works for 15lb and 20 lb propane tanks. This kind of gauge is suitable for backyard grilling, patio heater, etc. Things that don’t restrict you to lift it.

The downside of using this type of propane tank gauge is the versatility. You have to lift the tank which means when your tank is stored in a small space, you have to move the tank, then you are now able to measure. In some cases, this lifting and moving may not convenient for you. It requires some effort and not quickly done. But, if you don’t matter with this, this is a great tool to carry anywhere.


  • More accurate than the pressure propane tank gauge model
  • Affordable
  • It’s easy to carry
  • Almost versatile


  • Not always convenient in any situation
  • Only for 15 and 20 lbs (restricted)

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4. Astor Pressure Propane Tank Gauge [Best Inline Pressure Model]

best pressure inline propane tank gaugeAstor works by measuring the pressure of the inside propane tank. And it’s also one of the simplest propane tank gauges. Simply connect the gauge to your propane tank. It uses a type-1 connection like the mostly propane tanks use. In addition, it has the ability to restrict the gas flow whenever a leak happens.

The colored-code scale will let you read the gas at a glance. When the dial shows green, it means a sufficient amount of propane. Then the yellow asks you to prepare for the refill. When it’s red, you need to refill it soon.

Though it doesn’t provide a precise number, it’s better off having this one rather than no scale at all. Another consideration to buy this is the price which is friendly. If you won’t spend a lot of money for this kind of tool, this is a great option for you.

Astor comes with great customer service and most importantly a one-year warranty. It’s kind of to assure you that this is a quality tool you can rely on.


  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Rust resistant


  • The reading may interfere with extreme temperature
  • It reads when the valve turns open

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5. PBKay Weight Propane Tank Scale [Alternative Pick for the Scale Model]

best propane tank gaugePBKay is another choice if you prefer the scale/weight gauge model. That said, you are just required to hook and lift up the tank and easily see the reading.

Another good news of this tool is that it comes with a more friendly price. So, when you are in a tight budget, well you are happy because the backup option is available.

But, the drawback is when you have to read the measurement, you have to do it while you are lifting. It doesn’t similar to Grill Gauge G-1200 in which the pointer stays in the place. So, all is up to you.


  • More accurate than the pressure model
  • More price friendly than Grill Gauge G 1200 (economical option)
  • Easy to carry
  • Almost versatile


  • Less convenient in some situations
  • for 20 lbs only

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6. Gasland Y-Splitter Pressure Propane Tank Gauge [Worth Considering]

best propane tank gaugeGasland propane tank gauge presents unique functionality. Not only does it act as a pressure propane tank gauge, but also comes with a splitter. For some people who may need to use the gas with two appliances at a time, by means of this Gasland propane gauge, you could do that and predict the remaining amount of gas easily through the color-coded scale.

Though it doesn’t provide an exact measurement, simply when the needle directs at the yellow scale, you have to prepare the refill. It gives you a quick idea to take a response.

This Gasland product is a great option when you are at a party to share the propane together. For grilling and other alike appliances, it’s very ideal. However, for RV, it’s not recommended.


  • Simple and affordable
  • For the party
  • Anti-corrosion brass material


  • Not for 1 lb tank

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7. Dozyant Y-Splitter Pressure Propane Tank Gauge [Worth Mentioning]

best propane tank gaugeDozyant works the same way as the Gasland by using the pressure to show the remaining propane. And it also features the Y-splitter construction. Luckily, it costs you more nicely. That being said, this can be your next choice when you think a pricey tool is not really necessary in this case. Simply, this standard one is sufficient.

There are three colors to indicate the remaining gas inside the tank: green, yellow, and red. Simply when the pointer points at the yellow area, you have to prepare the refill. While it’s in red, you could estimate the remaining time down to it’s truly empty.


  • Nice for party
  • Simple, easy to use
  • for 20 lbs propane cylinder


  • Restricted use

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8. Shinestar Pressure Propane Tank Gauge

best propane tank gaugeHaving an idea to buy a regulator for your propane tank? Why not buy the propane tank gauge at the same time? This CSA certified propane regulator hose supports for a QCC1 propane tank. That said, it fits mostly grilling use, camping stove, etc. A pressure gauge type is suitable for an outdoor propane tank.


  • Fairly versatile (for 5 to 40 lbs propane cylinder)
  • Comes with 2-feet regulator hose
  • Simple colored scale


  • Not accurate in low or high temperature

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9. Gaswatch TVL220-AVC Digital Propane Tank Scale

best propane tank gaugeUnlike the AP Products 024-1001 above, Gaswatch TVL220-AVC works by measuring the propane weight. It’s a kind of scale designed exclusively for propane tanks. Because it measures the weight, this one is relatively more accurate to use at extreme temperatures due to its working principle.

The advantage it provides is the easy-to-read display where you can see the remaining propane. At the display, you can see five LED lights that show the percentage of remaining propane (<10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%). Besides, you don’t need to lift it every time you check the propane. Just lift it once and see the reading at any time you want.

Awesomely, it comes with an app. Through the app, you can keep in touch with the percentage of how much gas and time you have left. Plus, the app provides an alarm to remind you when the gas is at a certain percentage. Perhaps, there may be some automatic calculation done by the app.

It’s compatible with iOS and Android. Simply download the app and connect with Bluetooth. In terms of use, however, it’s not really versatile actually. It can handle only a 16 to 20 lbs propane tank. Therefore, we suggest this propane gauge for the grill.


  • No need to lift it every time you check the propane
  • Integrated with an app to see the remaining time of the gas to be empty
  • Ideal for grilling


  • Not versatile

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10. Flame King YSN-PS1 Propane Tank Gauge [Best Digital Scale Model]

best propane tank gaugeIn case you have a 40 lb propane cylinder tank, you cannot measure the remaining gas with the Gaswatch propane measure above, but Flame King can do that. Obviously, it’s able to handle 20, 30, and 40 lb propane tank.

It’s operatable with your smartphone (Android and iOS). Just download the app and connect wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. Through your smartphone, you can amazingly check the remaining gas in percentage. In addition, if the gas undergoes a use such as for cooking or anything, the app can tell you how many times left until the gas runs empty.

The drawback comes to battery life. It only lasts approximately 3 months. To give you a clear overview, this scale has an inside diameter of 8.5″ and the outside diameter of 12″. This will tell you whether it suits or not to your gas tank.


  • No need to take out the tank from the compartment and lift the tank
  • Supports most tanks (20, 30, and 40 lbs propane tanks)
  • Wireless


  • Short battery life

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Types of Propane Tank Gauge

There are several numbers of gauge models to measure the propane tank content. It’s not complex but could lead you to some frustration. Fortunately, in this section, you’ll see how we’ve covered it. And if you keep reading further, you’ll read our tips about buying the best propane tank gauge for you.

Go to the point, there are 4 common types available:

  • 1). Pressure model,
  • 2). Weight scale model,
  • 3). Magnetic model,
  • 4). Ultrasonic model.

Best Propane Tank Gauge for RV

Each of them has a different advantage compared to the others. As a result, a certain model might be suitable for one condition but worst for another condition. Such as pressure propane gauge is not ideal for RV because the users can’t monitor it remotely. In addition, the users need to open up the valve so that the pressure gauge scale gives a reading.

The weight scale is also not recommended for RV. The RV propane tank is placed in the compartment (tight space). That said, you need to measure the content by lifting and that seems impossible. Unless there is sufficient space or you have to take it out for lifting. Another, you have to check it on the site whenever you want to see the propane. That’s kind of unwanted thing for an RVer that we think of.

In our opinion, the only ideal models are magnetic and ultrasonic. Keep in mind that accuracy is the critical point of any measuring instrument including propane tank gauge for RV. Try to find the one that is accurate, monitorable remotely, useable while traveling, and long last.

You could seek the one that works with your smartphone so it’s easy to check out. On this page, we have mentioned this model. It comes with an app. Nicely, the other series come with a separate monitor. The advantages are nice. It allows you to allocate your smartphone for other needs. Most importantly, it doesn’t consume your smartphone battery.

The RV propane tank gauge also should be able to withstand against extreme temperatures. It shows the reading correctly so you are not making a wrong schedule. Moreover, it suits a horizontal tank and 100 lbs tank.

Best Propane Tank Gauge for Grilling, Heater, etc

The propane tank gauge for this kind of application is easy to find. Actually, all of the types are suitable. In this case, selecting the most affordable one is preferable. Try to find the most accurate one as you could as possible and comes with a friendly price point. If you are not sure what to choose from, then a weight propane tank gauge is considered the most accurate one for this application.

If you need the advanced one, some scale models come with a wireless connection. It allows you to inspect the remaining content easily throughout your phone.

A pressure gauge is also an economical option for grilling and alike. However, it’s a bit inaccurate during the hot wheater. Since it works based on the pressure of the propane, it could give a false reading because propane expands in hot temperatures. It’s undoubtedly cheaper but not guarantees accuracy.

Buying Tips and Consideration

1. Model

We have discussed this part in the previous section. It’s clear that each model works best for a certain situation. Having a clear idea of the models available can help you find your best propane tank gauge that meets your needs.

However, if you are looking for the most possible one that works well on any condition, we would like to point out the ultrasonic model. It’s easy to use due to the ultrasonic working principle. Moreover, it works for any tank size.

2. Tank Size

Is it designed for 1 lb, 20 lbs, 30 lbs, 40 lbs, or 100 lbs propane tanks? If you could afford the one that fits all sizes, then it would be so much good. However, if you get the one that fits most applications, it is nice as well.

If you buy a propane tank gauge for grilling which is usually 20 lbs tank, you could use the pressure model that fits this size. A pressure model may not work for 100 lbs tank, in this case, you could the ultrasonic model.

3. Accuracy

Some gauges work best on any situation while others can’t do the job as expected. It could the cold weather in winter that makes the gauge stop working or give a false reading. The pressure gauge may also interfere with the hight temperature.

Accuracy is critical if you are going to use it for RV. You have to carefully prepare the refill. Once again, the best possible accurate one to use in this case is the ultrasonic based model.

4. Temperature

The temperature could affect the reading. If this is the issue for you, then avoid the pressure gauge model. The scale is great to use in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions that may haunt you and spin around in your head.

Q: Do propane tank gauges work?

A: Yes, surely. However, from the gauges above, the most reliable ones are those that measure the weight of propane. It’s not affected by the environment. The pressure gauge, in contrast, can give inaccurate reading due to the temperature change that affects the pressure. While the other sensor such as ultrasonic sensor, it’s still an error that impairs the reading. When buying a propane tank gauge, make sure you buy the right one that suits the extreme condition you are going to face.

Q: How much gas is in my tank?

A: Currently, we don’t have an idea of such a tool that can give an exact reading about this. However, the scale propane gauge can work better with this. In terms of volume, you could do some maths. The pressure gauge and other related tools only show simple reading without an obvious value. There are commonly three conditions a particular pressure propane gauge tells: full, low, and empty. While the others, they give some more interactive reading in percentage.

Q: How to check the propane level in a large tank?

A: You could rely on a gauge that uses the ultrasonic principle. In this case, AP-Products is reliable for that.

Conclusion: What is the Best One?

Now, we head over to the final verdict. From all of the best propane tank gauge reviews on this page, which is the best one? In theory, the one that suits all applications. Whether people use it for RV or grilling, it suits the most application.

Finally, the first rank of the best propane tank gauge that we recommend is the LevelCheck propane tank gauge by Truma. It’s pocket size and the most versatile one. The second is the AP Products wireless sonar. Though it’s also versatile, we prefer to recommend it for RV. Both of them are the ultrasound models.

For grilling purposes, it’s wise to use the cheaper options such as the pressure or the scale models. In this case, a Grill Gauge G-1200 scale can do that job very well and accurately for grilling.

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