Best Protractor Reviews

A protractor is an essential tool to measure an angle. It’s also used to draw an angle.

There are several types of protractors. And, due to its shape, we cannot use a certain type for any purpose. The protractor used to measure a 2D angle is different from a 3D angle. In terms of their measuring mechanism, it can be analog or digital.

This tool has many applications and is used in engineering drawing, metalworking, woodworking, carpentry, etc.

It’s a pleasure to discuss the best protractor product here. In this post, we cover 10 products we collect from the market that we consider worth it to share with you. But, in this case, we only cover mostly the analog one. If you prefer the digital protractor, read this review instead.

We hope you will love this content because you will find the protractors’ varieties and their different features. And at the end of each product review, we sum up the upside and downside as well.

ProductPictureType Price
1. Starrett 505P-7
[Best Overall]
MechanicalCheck Price!
2. GemRed 82305-200DigitalCheck Price!
3. General Tools 822DigitalCheck Price!
4. General Tools 828T-bevel and digitalCheck Price!
5. Fiskars 12-95400JFor drawingCheck Price!
6. iGaging 35-408DigitalCheck Price!
7. General Tools 17MechanicalCheck Price!
8. NeoteckDigitalCheck Price!
9. Bora 530401Angle duplicatorCheck Price!
10. Mitutoyo 187-906Mechanical;
Universal Bevel
Check Price!

Top 10 Best Protractor Reviews 2022

1. Starrett 505P-7 Protractor [Best for Miter Saw]

best protractor overallWe decide that Starrett 505P-7 Prosite protractor is the best protractor for a miter saw. due to its capability to measure inside and outside angles easily and accurately. Gaining nice popularity and a list of good customer experiences gets us more convinced to share this tool with you.

This protractor works perfectly with a miter saw, as one of its applications. You will cut with an accurate angle. Though the readout is analog, it’s trusted, and even less error. While the digital system reading may interfere with, and you don’t realize it’s misleading you.

There are two laser-engraved scales. The arrows let you know the right number which is pointing out. Though the material is kind of plastic, that’s the advantage. It won’t scratch the surface being measured.

If you are looking for the best protractor for carpentry, plumbing, metalworking, etc to measure, transfer, and mark angles, then this is the right choice. For home, it can be used on the crown and baseboard molding with ease.

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  • Reliable, stable at a reasonable price.
  • The mechanical mechanism works all the time—no need for the battery to display the values.
  • Laser marking ensures the perfect visual at any place and any condition.


  • Please check the delivered protractor before you use it. Sometimes the product may come damaged, or the gear may fail to provide accurate readings.

How to Read Starrett 505p-7 Protractor

Unlike reading a vernier caliper or micrometer, reading this protractor is straightforward. There are two arrows (inside and outside). The best explanation video of how to read this protractor can be seen in the following video.

2. GemRed 82305-200 Digital Protractor Angle Finder

digital protractorGemred 82305-200 is a digital protractor that lets you read the angle measurement result easily on the LCD screen.

We took the GemRed Angle finder as our second choice. It’s incredible and has an excellent feature to find both linear and circular values. But, it will ask you to take out the battery.

The materials used in GemRed is stainless steel with laser marking and plastic for the digital display. It can measure 0~ 999.9° with an accuracy of 0.1°. It works accurately in the temperature range of 0~50°.

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  • Digital Display will help you get the perfect reading. It saves time and does a faster value reading.
    Multifunctional, such as this instrument can measure both length and angle in metric and imperial scale.
  • This protractor is very convenient to use.


  • You have to check your digital circuit system; after every six months, you used this instrument. Please change the battery every six months after.

3. General Tools 822 Digital Angle Finder Ruler

digital protractorWe took General tools 822 Digital angle finder as our next pick. It is similar to the GemRed Angle finder. The specifications and the features all are excellent you will find from this digital protractor. On the other hand, though, the ruler’s measurement markings are simple and straightforward but don’t have the smallest graduation like the GemRed.

It is a high-accuracy precision tool with an accuracy of ± 0.1 degrees. It measures 0 – 360 degrees. The materials used for this instrument are stainless steel with satin chrome finished, and the housing material is plastic.

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  • It is multi-functional, can do both linear and circular measurement.
  • General tools 822 is easy to use and simple for reading the values.
  • It is stable, durable, and reliable.


  • The instructional manual is hard to understand.
  • The digital circuit is the most sensitive part of the instrument. So, we must take it away from children.

4. General Tools 828 Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge & Protractor

This precision instrument can not measure linear length. But in exchange, it can provide T-Bevel angle fixing. The digital display lets you know the exact angle at any T-bevel position. There’s a sliding rail on which the bar with digital display moves back and forth.

The measurement range of this digital protractor is from 0 to 360°, with an accuracy of ±0.3°. The resolution used for the digital angle is 0.05°. Moreover, the blade length is 8″. In terms of weight, this digital measuring tool is heavier than the other protractors. As we see on the description page, it is 7.2 ounces and requires a 5.3 x 1.55 x 1.55 inches packaging dimension.

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  • Sliding T-Bevel.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • It is perfect for both wood and metalworking tasks.


  • Not suitable for drawing.
  • Heavy
  • Keep away from children.

5. Fiskars 12-95400J Plastic Swing Arm Protractor

We now are aiming for the drawing protractor. However, these drawing protractors are common in terms of their availability in the market. Wait! This one is unique because of its swing arm. It will give you the perfect alignment Engineering drawing. But you can’t use it as like as above four protractors. But yet, for general uses, you can use this protractor.

This Fiskars 12-95400J protractor is ideal for kids. The material used here is entirely plastic. It is only 1.13 ounces and requires 0.26x4x8.5 inches packaging dimension. It is not suitable for most metalworking uses.

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  • Perfect for kids.
  • Swingarm provides a straight-edge guide.


  • Not suitable for metalworking.

6. iGaging 35-408 Digital Protractor with 10″ Ruler

If you have a smaller outside angle to measure but the digital protractors above are not able to do that, then we suggest iGaging 35-408. This model comes with longer stainless steel rulers (10″) which allow you to more possibly put onto the angle’s surface.

The smallest readout is great which is down to 0.05 degree. Measuring an angle more than 1/4 and 3/4 degree is possible for you.

Another great feature is the buttons. There are 3 buttons: on/off, zero, and hold/reverse. The zero button lets you turn the reading to be zero (0 degree) at any angle you want. While the hold/reverse button allows you to hold the reading although you swing the ruler. It also functions to reverse the reading if you need a quick calculation.

The battery has been included when buying. In case of replacement, you could prepare the battery CR2032 which is easy to get.

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  • Longer blades/rulers up to 10 inches
  • More complete buttons
  • Great resolution, down to 0.05 degrees
  • Possible to measure small angles


  • may not compact to carry along outside

7. General Tools 17 Squarehead Stainless Steel Angle Protractor

We got another unique model from General tools production. This protractor can only measure the angles between two edges. There is a circular rotational indicator that will show the curve based on the position of the steel bar. There are good people who left very positive reviews for this product.

The square head makes it possible to align the protractor against an object. Both the square head and the moving bar are both stainless steel. It can’t measure linear length.

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  • It is easy to use.
  • Convenient to measure angles between edges.


  • Not suitable for Engineering Drawing.
  • The digits on the square head protractor are tiny compared to the whole instrument. Sometimes, it is hard to read the value.

8. Neoteck Aluminum Digital Angle Finder Protractor

Digital protractorThis protractor from Neotech is fully digital and very convenient to measure angles. If you look at the outfit, the first confusion that may come into your head is the green color vertical and horizontal thing. Those green parts contain the oil and bubbles, ensuring the vertical and horizontal alignment.

The digital display has a multi-functional feature; we might need it while measuring the angle. On the other hand, you can lock the protractor both in a forward and reverse direction.

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  • Very convenient to find an angle.
  • It is effortless and straightforward to solve many mechanical problems.
  • Aluminum material ensures the long-lasting of the instrument.


  • Only measure the circular readings.
  • It is not suitable for engineering drawings.
  • You must know the maintenance and precaution steps for this instrument.

9. Bora 530401 MiteriX Angle Finder [Honorable Mention]

This is not a protractor. But we are sure this would help you a lot if your purpose is to find a protractor for the miter saw. If it doesn’t match your need, at least, it attracts your attention.

It duplicates the angle you are going to measure and directly paste the angle to the miter saw. Herewith, you could save time and work easier.

How to use it is no brainer. Duplicate the angle, then lock, and then transfer it to your miter saw. It divides the duplicated angle in half so that you don’t need to do any calculation anymore.

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  • Designed to use for miter saw (divide the angle in half)
  • Easy to use


  • You don’t know the exact reading of the angle you are duplicating.

10. Mitutoyo 187-906 Universal Bevel Protractor [Most Accurate]

Mitutoyo protractorThis protractor from the Japanese company Mitutoyo is the choice if requiring high accuracy.

Its vernier scale lets you get a fine resolution down to 5 minutes (1/12 of a degree). Don’t worry about this kind of scale, it comes with a magnifying glass over it, so it’s not too tiny to read.

This is the best protractor for machinists, metrologists, metalworkers, etc.

Check here on how to use and read this kind of protractor.

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  • The instrument from Mitutoyo is reliable and durable.
  • Easy to use as it comes with a complete function manual.


  • Limitations in design purposes.

Things to Consider Buying A Protractor

These are the points you can consider when selecting a protactor

1. Purpose

There are different types of protractors out there. The protractor for a machinist is different for school. That said, the model that you are buying has great correlation to what the tool is intended for.

2. Resolution & Accuracy

The resolution is commonly 1° but you can find them 1/12 of a degree (the vernier model). Again, if the purpose is for school, the plastic model with 1 degree resolution is enough.

3. Electronic Model?

The electronic models give you speed and convenience. However, it can mislead if the battery is weak. Make sure to check the power regularly. The digital models allows you to convert the reading, set the zero reading easily, and even send out the reading to you smartphone.

How to Check the Accuracy of Protractor

Wondering the accuracy of the protractor you are using is important. But how to do that. Simply, you could use precision angle blocks. At least, you have to check how accurate the reading of your protractor at 0°, 90° and 45°. Your angle blocks come even more complete. There are 1°, 2°, 3°, etc. The increment of 1° makes sure all the readings are trusted.



We now know the different varieties of protractors available on amazon. We also know how to use them and what their features are. In this case, we couldn’t demonstrate all the possible types of protractors due to some reason.

First, The product is not available in the market. Though Mitutoyo is unavailable for now, we took it as our additional choice. The rest of them are all available. Second, the product popularity is not satisfactory as the above protractors have.

By the way, After complete research, we tried to bring you the best protractor on amazon. We hope this article will help you a lot to find your appropriate protractor. Stay with us; we will always be here with the best suggestion. See you in the next article.

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