Best Skin Fold Caliper

It’s an amazing fact that we don’t use caliper only to measure the thickness of metal, wood, etc, but also the thickness of our skin, skin fold to be precise.

Measuring our skin fold is important to measure our fat. Further, we know how ideal our body weight is. For women, surely this is an important tool that they must have at least one for a regular monitor. The same goes to men, this is the tool to check out how effective their workout is.

Using skinfold caliper is also very straight forward. Commonly, a skinfold caliper comes with a chart table. By means of that, you could immediately know how our body is. It’s a bit longer to explain how to use it. You could keep reading after the review products section to find the procedure.

On this page, as a blog that reviews measuring tools, we have provided some of our favorite skinfold calipers for you. Some of them may suit your budget but some are quite worrying. However, in terms of how worth it is to buy, you’ll know later.

Don’t take it too long, on the following table, have a quick preview of our 5 best skin fold calipers.

BrandPictureRangeBrief DescriptionBuy from
Seko Lange0-60 mm- dial reading
- better accuracy
Accu-Measure0-60 mm- mechanical reading
- lightweight
Slim0-60 mm- adequate quality
- lightweight
Harpenden0-80 mm- dial reading
- for professionals
0-80 mm- dial reading
- for professionals
- with body track software

Top 5 Best Skin Fold Caliper Reviews

1. Seko USA Lange Skinfold Caliper with Case

best skin fold caliperSeko USA skinfold caliper will give you an accurate measurement of your body skinfold. Since accuracy is a very important factor in terms of measuring tools, having this product as the first option is essential.

Like the other common skinfold caliper, it’s equipped with a reading scale up to 60 mm. This number means it allows you to measure the biggest one.

For fitness professionals, this is a great choice to pick up. It’s accurate, simple, and durable. In addition, it adds up more authority to your business professionalism.

However, you could be a bit complaining because the price tag may sink your budget. We don’t force you to afford it unless you really want it.

2. Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 Body Fat Caliper

best skin fold caliperThe next choice comes from Accu-Measure’s body fat caliper. AccuFitness offers functionality yet comes with a friendly price tag.

You might be wondering how to use it. It’s simple. Pinch the skin, then push slowly the caliper jaws. Keep punching until the sound “click” heard of. When it sounds, that means you have to stop pinching and it’s time to read the measurement result.

There is a piece that will slide in order to point out the number on the scale (in inch and mm). It slides to follow your fat thickness and stops to be able to get read. To get a clear idea of how to use it, this YouTube video is great to watch out.

Overall, AccuFitness is ideal to use for personal purposes. You could have it at least one, since it’s affordable, and carry it around anywhere you want. It will not easily fall apart even though made of plastic. In addition to the equipment, it comes with the chart. So, you don’t need to buy it again.

3. Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper

best skin fold caliperThe same with Accue-Measure above, this caliper is made of plastic. So, it allows you to carry it around without worrying it would break apart after dropped.

However, the part that makes it different is the spring. It utilizes spring to give pressure to the skin fold. Unlike the caliper that relies on hand force, this model comes easier to use for the users.

Using it like gripping a g*n. Pulling the trigger means opening the jaws and sliding the pointer. Position the jaws between the pinched skin, release the trigger to measure the thickness, as simple as that.

Slim guide’s scale is from 0 to 80 mm. Unfortunately, it comes only with mm graduation. However, it works so well. Overall, this is a good purchase if you need the affordable one with sufficient accuracy. Looking for another same model? Check this out!

4. Harpenden Skinfold Caliper Model C-136

best skin fold caliperIn terms of spring tension, Harpenden skinfold caliper C-136 is the strongest one compared to Lange and Slim Guide calipers above. To get a clear idea of these three calipers’ tension look like, you could watch them compared here.

If you are looking for a professional skinfold caliper, then this is what you are looking for. There are lots of satisfied reviews of this skinfold, even some of them are from outside country of the United States. It seems that they hardly struggle to find a really reliable skinfold caliper despite purchasing abroad.

There are two needles that you could see on the dial reading. The first small reading inside is in cm and the large reading is in mm. One full rotation of the large dial reading (the longer needle) is equal to 2 cm. As we see in the picture, the resolution is 0.2 mm. And the scale is from 0 to 80 mm. That is absolutely great. If you are going to use it for an excessive fat person, then this will cover it and more precisely in reporting the number.

Overall, Harpenden skinfold caliper is a solid and accurate skinfold caliper for professionals. It will last longer than other cheap models. The only concern is its price however it will give bang for your bucks.

5. Harpenden Skinfold Caliper PRO with Software

best skin fold caliper

This is actually the skinfold like Harpenden above But it comes with the software. The software is on the CD that comes along with the box. So it’s available online for free. You need to install it through the CD.

It seems that there is no wireless connection here. So, every data that you need to enter into the software, you have to manually do it. However, there are still lots of functions it offers. Especially if you are truly serious to track your body progress and visualize it, then this is a good way to do it.

However, it only supports Windows. If you are a Mac user, according to the product description you can’t install it on your device. Another concern is the price. It’s all up to you to decide.

Best Skin Fold Caliper Buying Guide

1. Accuracy

It’s unarguably that having an accurate skinfold is highly important. It benefits you to measure exactly how much fat loss or muscle gain you’ve made. Surely it’s about to compare your workout and the result. In another word, progress.

Moreover, an accurate skinfold caliper must come along with good repeatability. That means if you repeat the skinfold measurement process several times, the reading shows the same number. Further, you could try this on a certain metal in a month (once a week) under the same temperature. If the reading displays the same number, it’s accurate.

2. Measuring Range

For average people, a range from 0 to 60 mm is okay. However, for those whose excessive fat, they need the longer one. In this case, the Harpenden is designed to meet that need.

3. Pressure

There are lots of factors that affect the measurement of the skin fold. One of them is the pressure that is given by the jaws. The tougher the pressure, the reading will show a smaller number. The weaker the pressure, the bigger the number. A bad caliper will give false numbers and mislead you. You may think that you’ve made great progress but actually it’s nothing.

4. Durability

Investing in a pricey one may exhaust your budget easily but it pays off. You need to purchase the most recommended one by professionals or those who have been using it for a number of times. In our opinion, the plastic skinfold caliper is better off to avoid if your concern is about the durability.

Using Skin Fold Caliper to Measure Body Fat

Body fat measurement can be easily assessed by this type of caliper. There is no long procedural process. However, there are some points to be considered. First, you could measure only one area of your body. Second, gender matters. The table cart for men and women are different.

There are 4 areas of the body that are required to assess before determining the body fat. There are triceps (back of the arm), biceps (front of the arm), shoulder blade, and the last area is the waist.

After the measurement of those 4 areas, you need to sum them all. Then, the summarized number needs to get matched with age. The intersection between the sum number and age on the table is the percentage. You could see the table on this web page (not an affiliate link, just a piece of kindness).

The percentage is the value of how ideal your body is. If you are a 20-year-old next millionaire man in the world and your sum number is 20, then the percentage is 8.1%. This percentage is considered as ideal. Moreover, you could use this table cart as well. That table will help you understand the range of the ideal percentage based on age and sum number.


That’s all the best skin fold calipers that we’ve successfully gathered from the market. Actually there are still other models but no one seems sufficiently convincing us to get listed on this page. However, we will let you know five of them.

A skinfold caliper will be your wise investment to monitor your body fat loss/gain regularly accurately. Instead of guessing, using this tool will give your precise number and can be easily tracked. There are lots of options but you could easily scan them through the 5 selected best skin fold calipers on this page.