What is Measurement Traceability?

Traceability in measurement or measurement traceability is the condition where no links are missing to the real agreed reference standard. The real agreed reference standard means a particular reference that the nations over the world agree to establish it as standard. For example, the nations over the world establish the path traveled by light in … Read more What is Measurement Traceability?

Parallelism Vs. Flatness

Parallelism and flatness are two terms in measurement that contribute to the accuracy of your precision instrument. Especially when working with a micrometer, flatness and parallelism takes an important role to generate a reliable measurement. But what are actually parallelism and flatness? These two words seem to be similar to hear. But they are actually … Read more Parallelism Vs. Flatness

Popular Tools for Length Measurement

Length is one of the physical quantities that we frequently measure in our daily activities. Distance from house to the office, the length of a desktop, the range between a shooter and the targeted deer, etc are some of the examples. All the measurement result either in metric (meter) or imperial (feet) scale. Tools to … Read more Popular Tools for Length Measurement