Best Vernier Caliper

Precision instruments are one of the most used items in manufacturing. Vernier caliper is one of them. There are lots of companies out there are producing this vernier caliper. In this article, we will discuss these Vernier calipers. Additionally, we will find the best Vernier caliper in the market. Moreover, we will review their specifications … Read more

How to Read Dial Indicator

After learning how to use a dial indicator, you are now able to continue to how to read the dial indicator. Reading a dial indicator means calculating or interpreting the value shown by the scales. The calculation or interpretation results in an easy-to-understand number as the final reading. It is not like reading a simple … Read more

Dial Indicator Calibration

Precision measurement takes an important key role when it comes to high-quality and precise product manufacturing. There are a lot of aspects to consider as well. During manufacturing, everyone desires error-less production generated by the machine. But to get that expectation, of course, we require a certain reliable measuring instrument to make sure the machine … Read more

Best Contour Gauge Reviews 2020

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Types of Dial Indicator

Dial indicators, one of the most widely used measuring instruments in today’s world, are used on the object surface, to measure the property of that surface. This measuring instrument is used to measure the relative position of the surface to the contact point. However, all dial indicators are actually not identical in terms of their … Read more

Best Micrometer Reviews

A micrometer gives you a chance to measure down to 0.00005″ (0.001mm) resolution, providing you a much better resolution rather than using a caliper. There are several types of micrometers available. They are designed to fulfill market needs. But the most commonly used is the outside model with flat anvil. If you are going to … Read more

Dial Indicator Parts

Dial indicators are the measuring tool that is expressively used to measure relative positions. The internal and external mechanisms of this instrument are very simple to understand. In this article, we are going to discuss the dial indicator parts. Afterward, we will be discussing the internal mechanism of it as well. Without further ado, let’s … Read more

What is Dial Indicator?

According to Meriem Webster, the definition of dial is “a face upon which some measurement is registered usually by means of graduations and a pointer”. While the indicator is the one that indicates. There are countless measuring tools that come with graduation but they do not necessarily come with a rotating pointer. The dial indicator, … Read more

How to Use Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator is one of the demanding instruments in precision technology. Typically we use them to find clearances, run-out, straightness, gear backslash, and so on. In this article, we will be discussing how to use the dial indicator. We will be further explaining how to read the 0005 dial indicators and calculate the values. This … Read more

Dial Indicator Vs. Test Indicator

Let’s say you are looking for a measuring instrument to measure some geometrical tolerances in order to make your product more expecting and accurate. Yes, the dial indicator can help you to go through this. But which one to choose? On the web, you’ll see a few platforms mentioned that if the dial indicator and … Read more