Best Vernier Caliper

Vernier caliper is one of the precision instruments that is used in many areas such as manufacturing, workshop, school, automotive, etc. It gives decent accuracy with nice reading graduation which is totally better than using a ruler. By means of this vernier scale caliper, you can measure length, width, external diameter, internal diameter, and even … Read more

Best Skin Fold Caliper

It’s an amazing fact that we don’t use caliper only to measure the thickness of metal, wood, etc, but also the thickness of our skin, skin fold to be precise. Measuring our skin fold is important to measure our fat. Further, we know how ideal our body weight is. For women, surely this is an … Read more

Dial Caliper Brand Reviews

Who makes the best dial caliper? This is actually debatable. Each person has their own preference. Some may concern with the build construction, accuracy, durability, cost, repairment, country of manufacturing and even color. There are numerous dial caliper brands such as Starrett, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Fowler, Accusize Tools, Insize, Anytime Tools, HFS, Hornady, Taylor … Read more

Best Dial Caliper Reviews

Amongst the types of dial calipers available on the market, the dial caliper stands on the mid choice. Dial caliper offers easier to read, faster measurement, and less error compared to the vernier caliper. At the same time, it is unlike the digital caliper that depends on battery power, you can use it for a … Read more

Best Digital Caliper Reviews

The need for the best digital caliper is getting on demand since digital caliper is the most popular caliper that people use. But what does the best digital caliper actually define? What does make us state it as the best digital caliper? How to choose it? What is the best one for the money? On … Read more

Vernier Vs. Dial Vs. Digital Caliper

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vernier, dial, and digital calipers? This is a great question. You may be wondering to buy which one is the best suit for your needs. Since it may be a bit time-consuming thinking of them, here we help you figure it out. On this page, we have a … Read more

How to Read A Caliper

There are three classifications based on how to read the caliper: 1) Vernier caliper, 2) Dial caliper, and 3) Digital caliper. The first one uses a vernier scale, while the second one uses a dial gauge, while the third one uses electronic components. Each of them looks different and has a different working mechanism. Reading … Read more

The History of Caliper

Measuring instruments have been around for quite a while. The first traces of caliper lead back to the Chinese Yin era where a sliding measuring instrument was used. This measuring instrument consisted of two jaws and sliding scales. It was known as “Nogisu”. This was originally made of horn, bone or mammoth but later it … Read more

Micrometer Vs. Caliper: Top 6 Differences

According to the definition, either a micrometer or a caliper is an instrument designed to provide highly accurate measurements. They measure linear dimensions such as diameter and thickness. We use them to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. At a glance, it might be difficult to differentiate them from the definition … Read more

Working Principle: How A Caliper Works

In terms of measuring the distance of the internal-external dimension and diameter of an object, it is a lot harder to do with a conventional measure like ruler. However, it’s a lot easier with a caliper. There’s a lot to be said for a caliper, but how it actually works? How does it serve to … Read more