Best Protractor

A protractor is an essential tool to measure an angle. It’s also used to draw an angle. There are several types of protractors. And, due to its shape, we cannot use a certain type for any purpose. The protractor used to measure a 2D angle is different from a 3D angle. In terms of their … Read more

Best Contour Gauge Reviews 2021

Are you looking for a tool that is able to duplicate the irregular pattern/contour of a particular object? You are at the right place. On this page, we are glad to share with you our top 10 contour gauges with the reviews. We also share the buying contour gauge, some frequent questions, and how to … Read more

Best Ruler

The ruler is the most familiar linear measurement tool in our life. It’s easy to find and generally affordable. People use a ruler to draw a line with a certain defined length. In addition, it functions to measure a linear distance of two spots. Commonly, a ruler comes in imperial (inch) and metric (cm) reading. … Read more

Best Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

Multi-angle ruler is an essential tool in metalworking and woodworking. If you are a carpenter, builder, plumber, craftsman, roofer, floor layer, etc, this tool helps you duplicate your main workpiece both the dimension and angles. Then you can print that to your next workpiece and cut. It’s a kind of template. So your job becomes … Read more

Best Marking Gauge

We face different challenges every day, the same thing with woodworking. Scribing could be a difficult task when it needs to be the same distance to the edge of the working piece. Therefore, you need the best marking gauge. Manually, you would have to use a ruler and a marker to make a line (mark) … Read more

Best Compass for Geometry 2020

Are you looking for the best compass for geometry? You are at the right stop. The following top 11 best compasses on this page are our favorite ones and we would like to share with you. When you are attending a geometry class, you will be facing a bunch of points, lines, planes, shapes, angles, … Read more