Metric Unit System

It was the 19th century when a scientist James Clerk Maxwell put forwarded the concept of a consistent system where the fundamental small units were the base and the rest were derived from them. This coherent system was the metric system with almost all of the dimensions either based or derived from the ratios of … Read more Metric Unit System

Imperial Unit System

Imperial units have their origin from the time of Romans in the middle ages. The units used evolved since then and their values changed with time until Britain recognized it as a system. The imperial unit system was formally established under the Weights and Measures Act of 1824 and the Act of 1878. The definition … Read more Imperial Unit System

Tape Measure Buying Guide: 10 Things to Consider

It’s important to do some preparation before picking out a tape measure. That is to say, there is some consideration you can take into account in order to get the best result such as price, blade length, durability, readability, accuracy, locking system, ergonomics, and etc. You also need to decide which specs and features you … Read more Tape Measure Buying Guide: 10 Things to Consider