Imperial Unit System

Imperial units have their origin from the time of Romans in the middle ages. The units used evolved since then and their values changed with time until Britain recognized it as a system. The imperial unit system was formally established under the Weights and Measures Act of 1824 and the Act of 1878. The definition … Read more Imperial Unit System

Mechanical vs. Digital Micrometer

Micrometers can be classified based on how it works: mechanical, digital, and dial. Each division has different components and working principle inside of its body, however, the purpose remain the same to provide a magnified measurement. These different working principles also affect the way the micrometer display the reading. Further, it can be 4 classifications: … Read more Mechanical vs. Digital Micrometer

Best Micrometer 2020: Reviews & Comparison

When it comes to measuring a small distance in an accurate way and better resolution, the micrometer is the only type of linear measuring tools that we recommend. We guess that you have been able to differentiate the micrometer from caliper in this case. If you are not yet, then it’s our pleasure to guide … Read more Best Micrometer 2020: Reviews & Comparison

Micrometer Calibration Guide

For accurate results, proper functioning and calibration of the micrometer are very necessary. If the functioning of the micrometer is not proper then the achieved results will definitely be inaccurate. Therefore, micrometers should be calibrated at a regular interval in order to ensure accuracy. Calibration has the ability to find out errors in the micrometer. … Read more Micrometer Calibration Guide