Guide & Tips: How to Fix a Broken Tape Measure

You may experience a bad day with your tape measure. Unluckily, it’s suddenly broken while you are using it. Instead of buying a new one, you decide to fix it. That’s a good idea. You can save time and some money.

How to fix a broken tape measure is basically easy. You can do it with tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and other important-considered tools which are easy to find in your toolbox. It only takes some minutes. First, you diagnose the problem, then second, fix it.

In this post, we are discussing some ways your tape measures may break down and how to fix them. Let’s check it out.

fixing a tape measure

Corroded Blade

The most occurring issue to your measuring tape is corrosion. Your tape measure might be good, but improper care can cause your tape measures to corrode early. The water may get into the case. Consequently, the corrosion occurs and damages the spring which is made of ferrous material.

How to diagnose that the blade is rusted? Well, firstly, if you find your blade can’t retract itself, then it is likely corroded. If you are not sure, you can untighten the screws, open the case, and look at the blade closely and directly.

In most cases, it’s difficult to repair a broken spring. You have to replace it with a new one. If you have another tape measure that its spring is still good, then it’s better off using it; whereas, then you have to buy a new spring one or totally buy a new tape measure instead.

Breaking Connection between Blade and Spring

Another typical problem that occurs to your blade is the breaking connector between the spring and the blade. You may pull the blade so forcefully that causes the connector split apart. If this occurs, then your blade is not able to retract anymore.

How to indicating it is fairly similar to the first point above. If you pull out the blade, it can’t return to the case itself. Furthermore, if you pull it out entirely, it will detach from the case.

It’s a good chance to fix it. You just need to let go of some inches of whether the blade or the spring depends on the part that breaks down. Using some required tools, do in such a way in order the blade and the spring to join together again. Commonly, you’ll find the T-shaped tab on the spring. If this is the broken part, then you have to remove it and make a new T-shaped piece one on the spring. On the other hand, you’ll find a hole where the T-shaped tab hooks onto the blade. If this is the broken part, then you have to dismiss it and form a hole again. Once you’ve finished repairing and the blade connects to the spring, your blade is now no longer unable to retract itself.

Detached Hook

You pull the blade out too long and let it retracts wildly. This could result in breaking apart the hook from the blade. If the rivet is not tight enough to withstand the bump, the hook could detach and probably fly up at your face. If this happens, we can do nothing. A precise loose hook cannot be hand-made. In other words, you are recommended purchasing a new one.

The image beside is one of the examples when the hook is detached from the blade. The blade then enters the house and hard to get it out. In this case, we have to disassemble the tape to do it. When the hook is broken, there is nothing to hold/stop the blade from spinning.

Last Thought

How to fix a broken tape measure is not too difficult. It depends on the kind of trouble that is occurring to the measuring tape. That is to say, not all the issues can be fixed. We only have a chance to repair it when the problem is at the connector. Just remove the broken one, and replace it. Most importantly, fixing a tape measure is actually quite easy; you can save some bucks rather than buying a new one.

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