What is Laser Measure?

A laser measure is an alternative to a typical basic tape measure. It’s the solution when the typical basic tape measures have some limited capability such as measurement range.

It is designed to measure lengths, widths, and heights of different objects with the help of a laser beam. Even, it can calculate the measurement itself so that you get the number of area and volume.



A laser measure is an advanced measuring instrument that uses a laser beam instead of a metal blade. This instrument has the capability to measure long distances with accuracy and ease.

A laser measure sends out a laser beam to the targeted spot and then calculates the distance which is digitally displayed on the screen.

Its basic principle of working is that it calculates the time taken by the laser beam to reach the target and the taken by reflection. The time between these two events is converted to the distance.

This instrument is great because it finds out the measurements of walls, pipes, ducts, conduit lengths, wire or cable lengths, and other materials or objects without any hassle. Area measurements and volume measurements are also taken with the help of a laser measure.

A laser measure is used by appraisers, architects, carpenters, plumbers, and handyman. It also can be used in framing, construction, and many other various fields because of its versatility.

Pros and Cons of Laser Measures


  1. Fast: The laser measure doesn’t require extra effort and time. It is fast because it uses a laser beam instead of a metal blade. Readings can be easily calculated when the laser beam hits a target.
  2. Doesn’t bend: When measuring with a tape measure, there is a chance that it will bend which may lead to inaccurate readings. The laser tape measure doesn’t bend or sag and it provides accurate readings.
  3. Extra help is not needed: With a typical tape measure, extra hands may be needed to get the job done. The laser measure doesn’t require extra help, you can easily calculate the readings on your own.
  4. Safe: You don’t have to climb ladders and you don’t have to worry about the obstacles in the way. It is completely safe and easy to use.
  5. Easy to read: The readings are electronically displayed on the screen which you can easily read and record.
  6. Memory: Different laser measures have different memories. The measurements can be stored into the device for future projects.
  7. Convenience: A laser measure provides accurate results and it is very convenient to use as compared to other measuring instruments because it is easy to read and it doesn’t bend.


Along with the advantages, a laser measure has some drawbacks as well which are listed below:

  1. A solid target is needed: Unlike a typical tape measure, a solid target is needed on which the laser beam will fall in order to calculate the readings.
  2. Measuring reflective surfaces is difficult: It is likely to get inaccurate readings on reflective surfaces, or surfaces where there is a bright light.
  3. Proper use of the instrument is necessary: It is necessary to use the instrument properly; the type of the surface and the target needs to be taken care of.
  4. Several measurements need to be taken to ensure accurate results: In the case of porous or other different kinds of surfaces, multiple measurements need to be taken so that accurate measurements can be taken.

Laser Measure Body Parts

The body of the laser measure is generally rectangular. It has the following parts:

  1. Display: The display of the laser measure electronically generates the readings which can be easily recorded by the operator. The display makes it very easy to take the readings because the operator can record the readings shown on the screen without any hassle.
  2. Controls: The instrument has different controls which the operator can choose from according to the need.
  3. Battery: The functioning of the laser measure depends upon its battery. A laser measure comes with a battery and most of them have a long battery life which allows the operators to get their task done without worrying.
  4. Measurement modes: A laser measure also has various measurement modes such as the calculation of the length, area/volume, addition/subtraction, and many more.
  5. Laser beam outlet: The most important part of the laser measure is the laser beam outlet which allows the laser beam to hit the solid target in order to get accurate readings.

The laser measure is truly amazing. It’s fast, accurate, and easy to use. A top-notch measuring instrument you can get easily online store to fully complete your measurement with high precision and versatility.

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