What is Laser Measure?

A laser measure is a measuring device that uses a laser beam to measure distance (length, height, and width), area, and volume. Even, it can let you measure the angle.

This laser distance meter offers a greater measuring grange in comparison with the basic tape measure. It provides a measuring range that can extend up to 300 feet (even 600 feet), meanwhile a typical tape measure’s range is about 25 feet. Therefore, many jobs such as appraisers, contractors, etc take advantage of this device.

In addition to its advantages, this measuring tool provides simplicity and speed. The distance you have measured will turn into area or volume because the processor calculates it itself. Unlike the tape measure that you have to note the reading and calculate them manually. Measuring a greater distance plus instant calculation becomes an easy thing with a laser measuring tool.


laser measure

This is an appropriate instrument of length measurements to finds out the dimensions of walls, pipes, ducts, conduit, wire or cable lengths, and other materials or objects without any hassle. Area measurements and volume measurements are also taken with the help of the processor.

A laser measure is used by appraisers, contractors, architects, carpenters, plumbers, and handyman. It also can be used in farming, construction, and many other various fields because of its versatility.

Pros and Cons of Laser Measures


  1. Fast: It gives you less effort and time to perform measurements. It is faster because it uses a laser beam instead of a metal blade. The readings are also instantly displayed on the screen. There is no need for calculation.
  2. Long Measuring Range: The range that you can measure is up to 600 feet. You could get the shorter range ones such as 300 feet and the other lower ones.
  3. Doesn’t bend (less error): When measuring with a tape measure, there is a chance that it will bend which may lead to inaccurate readings. The laser tape measure doesn’t bend or sag.
  4. Independent: With a typical tape measure, it requires two-hand operation in many cases. In contrast, this laser measure is operatable with single-hand operation.
  5. Easy to read: The readings are electronically displayed on the screen which you can easily read and record.
  6. Memory: It’s not weird if laser measures have a memory. The measurement data can be stored in the device for future needs.
  7. Convenience: A laser measure provides accurate results and it is very convenient to use as compared to other measuring instruments because it is easy to read and it doesn’t bend.


Along with the advantages, this laser distance measuring tool has some drawbacks as well which are listed below:

  1. A solid target is needed: Even though some models don’t need an additional reflection target, however, if the target to reflect the laser is significantly far, the chance of poor reflection can happen. In this case, you need a solid target.
  2. Measuring Outdoor is Difficult: Using a laser measure to measure in outdoor can be another problem. The reflection becomes weak. In this case, you need a stronger laser or install extra solid flat reflective tape.
  3. Proper use of the instrument is necessary: It is necessary to use the instrument properly; the type of the surface and the target needs to be taken care of.
  4. Several measurements need to be taken to ensure accurate results: In the case of porous surfaces, you may need to perform multiple measurements so that the measurements are trustable.
  5. Expensive. This tool is relatively expensive.
  6. Water and Dust Sensitive. This digital measuring device is sensitive to water and dust. A good IP-rated device should be selected to use in a harsh environment.

Laser Measure Body Parts

The body of the laser measure is generally rectangular. It has the following parts:

  1. Laser Beam Outlet: The most important part of the laser measure is the laser beam outlet which the laser beam emits, gets out, and travels through space.
  2. Display: A typical laser measure is an electronic product. It displays the reading on the screen. The same thing with this device, it shows its measurement results on the screen.
  3. Button Controls: The instrument has different controls which the operator can choose accordingly.
  4. Battery: The functioning of the laser measure depends upon its battery. You could find the battery compartment on the back of the device.

The laser measure is truly amazing. It’s fast, accurate, and easy to use. A top-notch measuring instrument you can get easily online store to fully complete your measurement with high precision and versatility.

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