Micrometer Accessories

In spite of secondary tools, micrometer accessories are some additional tools to make the micrometer work better and they cannot be underestimated.

If you are planning to purchase a new micrometer, you may need to get a clear view of the accessories of your micrometer needs as this precision tool can be treated without proper care.

Accessories such as a micrometer stand and gloves can help you generate more reliable measurements because the heat transfer can be minimized. The storage box can protect your mic from damage.

These are the 10 accessories for your micrometer:

1. Micrometer Stand

Micrometer Holder
A micrometer holder is clamping a Mitutoyo digital micrometer

Instead of using your hand to perform a measurement, micrometer stand functions to hold the micrometer you are using so that you are freely measuring without any disruption. It will clamp the frame and give enough space for the object to get measured.

  1. Prevent vibration
  2. Prevent heat transfer
  3. Better accuracy

2. Separated Anvils

Some micrometers have the ability to let the users change the anvil. As a result, this can save you some money. You don’t need to buy multiple micrometers to do the other jobs.

3. SPC Cable

This tool is only available in digital micrometers. It benefits you to transfer the measurement data into a computer. Some people may need to record their measurements, this stuff can help a lot. After collecting the data, you can process the data for further purposes.

4. Bar Standard

When it comes to inspecting the accuracy of the micrometer, aside from using the gauge block (especially the workshop grade), you could also use the bar standard. Simply match the reading result between the reading on the micrometer scale and the length of the bar standard. If they are exactly the same, it’s accurate.

However, there is not just a bar-shaped standard available for inspecting. Some of the standards look like a tube.

5. Optical Flat

Any inaccuracy can happen every time. If you are using a flat anvil micrometer, one of the inaccuracy sources is the flatness of the anvil. Flat anvil micrometers are the most general micrometers today. In this case, the flatness of the measuring faces really matters.

To get higher precision and accuracy, this part has to be fully flat. The tool to check it is the optical flat.

6. Battery

Any digital micrometer needs a battery as the energy source. It powers the system so the reading can run as expected. Every digital micrometer has its own battery type. When you are going to buy a battery reserve, consider the type.

7. Oil

In case the micrometer is not in use for an unknown period of time in the future, make sure to give the desired amount of oil to the inside part. Surely, you have to use a certain oil which suits you to do that job. But you can use multi-purpose oil to prevent the micrometer from corroding.

8. Cases

Even, a tape measure is protected with a holder. Your micrometer should have, too. It’s necessary to give your micrometer double extra protection from water or other unwanted material that can be harmful. Despite you can temporarily save the micrometer in your pocket, saving it in a case may be preferable.

9. Storage Box

The box is important to keep the micrometer from outside harming temperature, children rich, water, air pressure, and so on. After giving the oil to the micrometer, save it on the box which is designed specifically for storing micrometers.

10. Glove

Glove prevents heat transfer from the hand to the micrometer. If you are calibrating a micrometer, a glove is a must-have thing to wear. Especially when touching or holding the gauge block, you have to use wear gloves because your hand can cause corrosion to the gauge block in the long term.

Micrometer accessories are totally helpful. It makes your work more enjoyable. You could buy any micrometer accessories through an online store. They are also available in the local store. If you are in search of a new micrometer, then we have some best choices that you may want to hear of. Check it out!

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