Micrometer Brands

Choosing the right micrometer brand is one of the criteria you need to think about. There is a wide range of micrometer brands available on the market. Therefore, having a piece of adequate information about each brand is helpful to enrich your insight about the micrometer you are going to buy.

In spite of buying a micrometer seems easy, it can be time-consuming. It’s widely known that products of different brands may have different positives and negatives. Surely, the chance of getting confused when searching a new one is an inevitable issue.

Here is the brand plays an important role. Not all the brands available have the ability to satisfy the needs of customers and provide a high quality of products. In other words, the popularity or trustworthy or high rate of acceptance of a particular brand also takes place in the heart of customers.

Factors to Consider

  • User-friendly. Whichever brand you opt for must be user-friendly. You should be able to easily understand what options are available for you. Some brands have very complex procedures and the user gets tired of dealing with them.
  • Easy to access. You should be able to easily explore all the products that are available. Also, you should be able to get in touch with their customer service in case of any queries as well.
  • Accurate information. Some brands don’t provide authentic information. Sometimes what is written on the packaging doesn’t end up being true. Lack of true or accurate information can cause a lot of trouble for the customer.
  • Reliable. The brand should be reliable so you get the right value for the money you are investing in a product. Reliable brands provide the highest quality product.
  • Quality of the product. Lastly, the quality of the product is the most important. No brand should compromise on the quality of the product. If you are spending money then you should definitely be able to get the highest quality product.

After checking out some of the factors that you need to consider, let’s have a look at the different micrometer brands. For your ease, we have a list of seven brands which we will see in detail and then you can choose the one that suits best for you.

Top Micrometer Brands

1. Mitutoyo

It is the world’s largest metrology company which was founded at first only with one product, micrometer, in 1934. They have a long story and been making micrometers for decades until they were finally acknowledged by the market. They made sure that the customers got the highest quality product but along with that, provide low prices as well.

Their aim is to focus on the quality of the products and also on technological advancements. They have many different types of micrometers available including digital, mechanical, dial, outside, inside, depth and etc. They keep the information on their site www.mitutoyo.com updated and detailed so the users can benefit from it and well-informed with it. Mitoyo is truly dominating the market of micrometers today.

One of the most important things Mitutoyo provides is their lab. This is to ensure the measuring instruments they sell provide great accuracy. Mitutoyo lab for the North America region, Mitutoyo America Calibration Lab Masters, has been recently accredited by A2LA and successfully meets ISO 17025 requirement. For traceability, their lab is directly calibrated by NIST. What an amazing fact! So, Mitutoyo assurances that your measuring instrument accuracy is traceable to NIST. Normally, before the instrument goes to your destination, it will be inspected and the certificate is attached in the box.

Highlighted factors:

  1. Focus on the quality and price of the product.
  2. Technological advancements and developments.
  3. Wide range of different kinds of micrometers is available.
  4. Largest metrology company.
  5. Updated information, well-explained products, and available with guides.
  6. Expensive

One of the most popular micrometers from Mitutoyo today is its Digimatic 293 series, especially Mitutoyo 293-340-30 which is one of our best micrometers as well. Digimatic 293 series are manufactured in the digital model (feature electronically functional buttons), fast reading, feature special coolant proof, some has SPC cable to transfer the measuring data to another interface, and most importantly accurate. Even though the Mitutoyo’s micrometers generally charge you a higher cost than the other similar type micrometers, the quality is undoubtedly guaranteed.


This brand focuses on the precision of its products. However, they don’t tell much about their history. They have different categories of products which you can buy. The best thing about this brand is that they keep the users updated of which products are the best and which products are new. When we talk about micrometers, they don’t have a lot of variety but the products they do have are high quality and precise. They have more variety of digital measuring instruments as compared to the standard ones.

Highlighted factors:

  1. Not much history is available.
  2. Focus on the quality and precision of the product.
  3. Keep the users updated regarding the best and new products.
  4. Not a lot of variety.
  5. More digital instruments as compared to standard or normal ones.

3. Starrett

This company has been successful in providing quality, precision, and innovation to its customers since 1880. They have different kinds of micrometers including depth, electronic, inside, outside and other micrometers. They also have micrometer sets and micrometer accessories. The good thing about this brand is that they provide true information. Also, they aim at providing very precise and accurate results of the tools. In case of unsatisfactory results, you can return or replace the tool. You can even get it repaired. They offer repair and calibration services which you can avail when you are in need. They can also build special tools. This brand is very easy to access, you can easily get all the information and you can even contact them when you need.

Highlighted factors:

  1. Focus on quality and innovations.
  2. Provide high quality and precision.
  3. Different types of micrometers are available.
  4. Micrometer sets and accessories are also available.
  5. They have a return policy and they also offer to repair the products.

4. Fowler High Precision

As the name suggests, this brand provides high precision products. They have a wide range of measuring tools which you can purchase. While looking for micrometers, it was observed that they have a variety of micrometers. They have 8 categories related to micrometers. These categories include different types of micrometers including, Vernier, digit counting, electronic, inside, depth, and specialty micrometers. Along with that, they have micrometer heads and micrometer accessories available as well. Most of the brands don’t offer a lifetime warranty, however, this brand offers a lifetime warranty on limited products.

Highlight factors:

  1. Focus on precision and variety.
  2. Variety of micrometers are available.
  3. Provide lifetime warranty on limited products, unlike other brands.
  4. Micrometer accessories are also available.

5. Anytime Tools

Just like other brands, this brand also focuses on the precision of the measuring tools. The unique thing about this brand is that they keep updating the special offers so you can save a lot of money as well. Not only will you get a high-quality product but you will also get discounts. They have different micrometers available but there are many brands who sell micrometers of a limited range. You can get larger micrometers which have a larger range as well from this company. Electronic micrometers are also available.

Highlighted factors

  1. Focus on quality and price as well.
  2. Offer discounts.
  3. Wide ranged micrometers are also available.
  4. Micrometer sets can also be bought.

6. Rexbety

This brand also has discounts but it doesn’t give as much information as compared to other various brands for measuring tools. They also don’t have as much variety as compared to other brands. However, electronic micrometers are available and they also have discounts which you can avail. If you want a specific type of micrometer other than the electronic micrometer then you need to check any other brand out. They allow you to track your order which is a plus and many other brands may not offer this feature.

Highlighted factors:

  1. Not a lot of information.
  2. The order can be tracked.
  3. The company can be contacted easily.
  4. Not a lot of variety of products as compared to other brands.

7. Clockwise Tools

This company aims at meeting the needs at the professional level and it is also great for people who love DIYs. They focus on providing quality products which the customers can enjoy and have a great experience with. As far as micrometers are concerned, they don’t have a lot of products but if you are in search of the basic micrometers then you will definitely be able to get them. You can find micrometer with a large range. They also have micrometer sets so you don’t have to invest in individual products. They don’t have as much information as compared to other brands. They also don’t have discounts or special offers like some of the other brands. If you are looking for a precise standard or electronic micrometer then you can definitely get it from this company.

Highlighted factors

  1. Meet the needs at the professional level.
  2. Focus on the satisfaction of the customers.
  3. Large range micrometers are available.
  4. No special offers.

Final Thought

Overall, all the brands actually put accuracy and precision as their first attention. It’s reasonable. Since the purpose of people buying a micrometer is to measure as accurately as possible, the manufacturers should provide what the customers want.

However, not all brands have the same popularity. Some have a wider range of product types and available globally and some have only certain micrometer products. Some have more trust than others.

When it comes to quality, there is no big correlation about the brands in spite of the brands have control to create it. We recommend you are better off relying on the reviews of the customers.

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