Micrometer Maintenance Guide

A micrometer is a precision tool that really needs proper maintenance. Not only does it to sustain its durability, but also it’s important to keep the micrometer accurate. Most micrometers nowadays have been created in such a way to give a long durable use, still, improper use and maintenance can fasten the damage. Here we have some tips for maintaining your lovely micrometer.

  1. Make sure you know how to use the micrometer properly including using the ratchet. Don’t force to rotate the thimble too tight because it will impair the accuracy.
  2. Use the micrometer carefully. Make sure the micrometer never drop because it will break down the inside components. If it’s in use, temporarily off, put on the place which is safe and far from dropping potential.
  3. Don’t knock the micrometer or use it as a hammer. It’s not designed for striking, it’s for measuring. Every precision of the tool needs a proper case to sustain its accuracy. Using it to strike can likely damage the micrometer itself.
  4. Before storing the micrometer, take a moment to wipe the micrometer with a soft cloth. It’s important to get it rid of water or oil or dust after use. Similarly, when you are going to use it, a brief wiping can prevent error, especially to clean off any tiny object around the measuring faces.
  5. A micrometer is commonly bought together with its box storage. Put the micrometer on its own place and don’t forget to put the wrench on its own. In case any vibration happens, the micrometer and wrench will not bump each other.
  6. Store the storage box in the right place. Never put it on the place where the temperature is either too hot or cold, especially under the direct sunlight. Make sure, it is far away from water and children reach as well.
  7. Over a certain period of time, the micrometer needs to get oil. It can be weekly or monthly. You can use any multi-purpose oil. The part like threads will likely corrode after a long time no use. You can disassemble the micrometer and oil the inside parts before putting it back to the storage.

    Micrometer Maintenance
    Avoid the measuring faces closed
  8. Never store the micrometer with closed spindle and anvil. This is to anticipate in case the temperature around the micrometer changes. When the temperature rises, the spindle and anvil extend. If they are not separated, they will force each other and ruin the internal parts. Even a tiny small impact of the internal part of the micrometer can interfere with the measurement accuracy.
  9. You know that you will not use the micrometer for a long time in the future, hence you are better off removing the battery. It is necessary to prevent swollen battery.
  10. If your micrometer is digital, then keep it away from any kind of strong magnetic field. The ferrous components inside the LCD or the electronic devices may react to this magnetic action.
  11. Someday, your digital micrometer gets broken, however, you are not recommended disassembling it by yourself. Preferably rely it on to those who are skilled in electronic circuits. It takes time for you, hence you can purchase a better one.
  12. Calibrate the micrometer regularly. Create a good habit with your precision tools. It’s your gun while accuracy really matters.

Maintaining a micrometer is not hard. You just need to be consistent and put love on it. Simple care can last the micrometer longer and serve you with consistent accuracy.

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