What is Dial Indicator?

According to Meriem Webster, the definition of dial is “a face upon which some measurement is registered usually by means of graduations and a pointer”. While the indicator is the one that indicates. There are countless measuring tools that come with graduation but they do not necessarily come with a rotating pointer. The dial indicator, … Read more

What is EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is commonly associated with the electromagnetic wave. When this wave travels through space and hits our body, our body gets radiated. Simply put, electromagnetic radiation is the state where electromagnetic wave hits a certain object. In fact, the electromagnetic wave is everywhere. We live together with them. Every day, our bodies are exposed … Read more

How to Use Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator is one of the demanding instruments in precision technology. Typically we use them to find clearances, run-out, straightness, gear backslash, and so on. In this article, we will be discussing how to use the dial indicator. We will be further explaining how to read the 0005 dial indicators and calculate the values. This … Read more

Dial Indicator Vs. Test Indicator

Let’s say you are looking for a measuring instrument to measure some geometrical tolerances in order to make your product more expecting and accurate. Yes, the dial indicator can help you to go through this. But which one to choose? On the web, you’ll see a few platforms mentioned that if the dial indicator and … Read more

Best Test Indicator

Similar to the dial indicator, the test indicator functions to amplify a small distance into a distance that is possible to read by eyes. The gears and pinions (inside the body) convert that small distance into some pointer rotations. Along with the circular scale, they help you accurately calculate how many rotations the pointer is. … Read more

Best Dial Indicator Reviews

The dial indicator is a precision measuring tool that we commonly use in the workshop. Working with either metal mill or lathe would make use of this tool to inspect the machine (rotating part) before the work. In milling machines, we use this to inspect the table whether it moves parallel as expected or not. … Read more

Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is one example of medical devices that we can own in our home. Simply, no need to call a healthcare provider to use it. That’s why we cover it here as well. Among the pulse oximeters that we can buy, the fingertip model is considered as the simplest, easiest, and most portable. … Read more

List of Speed Measuring Devices

Speed is the unit of measurement for the object’s movement per time unit. It commonly simplified as km/hour or m/s. The more distance it passes and the shorter the time it takes, the higher the speed of that particular object. Measuring the speed of a particular object is important for us. When you are evaluating … Read more

Best Tachometer Reviews

A tachometer is a measuring tool that functions to measure the RPM (revolution per minute) of a particular rotating object. For instance, if you are going to measure the RPM speed of a spindle motor of a milling machine, this device is able to do that. People use this device in many areas such as … Read more

Best Ruler

The ruler is the most familiar measuring tool in our life. It’s easy to find and generally affordable. People use a ruler to draw a line with a certain defined length. In addition, it functions to measure a linear distance of two spots. Commonly, a ruler comes in imperial (inch) and metric (cm) reading. The … Read more