Tape Measure Buying Guide: 10 Things to Consider

tape measure guide
Tape Measure, from Pixabay

It’s important to do some preparation before picking out a tape measure. That is to say, there is some consideration you can take into account in order to get the best result such as price, blade length, durability, readability, accuracy, locking system, ergonomics, and etc. You also need to decide which specs and features you might think it’s worth it to buy.

1) Price

While looking for a tape measure, you need to figure out your budget and then according to your budget you need to choose the best tape measure that suits your needs and budget. There are both expensive and affordable tape measures available for you. We strongly advise not to purchase more than $20 for a general type one because it’s not a smart choice. It is not necessary that you buy the expensive one when the affordable can do the same.

2) Blade Length

Since you will be measuring a particular length of an object, it is important to identify the blade length of the tape measure you are going to buy. If you are not sure which length you are appropriate with, we recommend picking out the 25 feet blade.

3) Durability

Find a tape measure that is made with high-quality materials so that it lasts you for a long time and you don’t have to invest in another tape measure down the road. A case and blade which are made of high-quality materials are a great combination to guarantee your tape meter’s lifespan.

4) Readability

The tape or the blade should be very easily readable so that you can note down the accurate measurements. Basically, a wide blade with big numbers and clear marks are adequate. However, if you want more, you could rely on an electronic tape measure that will give you the exact number of measurements through the digital screen display.

5) Accuracy

Accuracy is linked with the readability of the tape measure and the quality of the markings. If you are able to easily read the measurements then you will get accurate results. Digital tape measures provide more accuracy as compared to the ordinary ones. Use a calibration tool to check whether your tape measure markings are accurate or not. Moreover, the hook also comes into play in determining the accuracy of a measuring tape. Pick out the most trusted tape measure with a high score of hook performance from the factual consumer reviews if necessary.

6) Locking Mechanism

The tape measure should come with a strong and secure locking mechanism to prevent the blade slipping while measuring and protect your hands from getting hurt during retraction. Additionally, if it has a self-locking feature as the Kamelon SL2825 has, then it should be the better one.

7) Ergonomics

In addition, while looking for a tape measure you need to see whether it would fit perfectly in your hand or not. In this term, both the dimension and the shape determine it. You also need to make sure that the material feels comfortable on your hand. Even though this case is not necessary, it’s fairly important for some users in which they may have allergic with a sort of material.

8) Easy to Use

Another factor that you need to consider is how it’s easy to use, if you are unable to use the tape measure easily then there might be no point to invest in it. You need to look for a tape that you can easily use without wasting much time and energy. You should be able to get your work done without any hassle.

9) Special Feature

For instance, a digital tape measure can serve better performance for you. It’s faster, easier, and quicker to use during measurement. You might need a special feature to fulfill your need but keep considering the price. If another general measuring tape can serve equally, you may regret the purchase in the future.

10) Unit Measurement

If you might not be familiar with metric measurement, you can avoid it and choose the imperial one. You can buy a tape measure with a dual scale instead. Buying a single scale may charge you time when you need to convert the measurement into another unit. In the United States, the vast majority of users use metric measurement (inch, feet, yard, and mile).

The most essential requirement to be a good tape measure is certainly it doesn’t break down earlier. Moreover, despite it’s fully equipped with a ton of features, it’s useless when one day use ends up with an unexpected event. Make sure you have read the factors to consider when buying a tape measure above before choosing.