The products that we put and review in this site are gathered from Amazon.com. Therefore, some of our contents contain affiliate links from Amazon. These links, when you click on them, will take you to the Amazon. And, if you make a purchase, we get some little commission because we’ve brought you to Amazon.

However, the commission doesn’t add up anything to the initial price of any product you are buying. If the product costs $100, then you pay $100. There is no extra $1 (for example) that you have to add because of our affiliated links.

And also, not all the links are affiliated. Only when the link brings you to Amazon.com. To help you indicate the affiliated links, we commonly put them into three types of links: buttons, product images/pictures, and text. However, the most commonly used are the buttons and pictures.


These are the affiliated buttons you’ll find on this blog that we use to link to Amazon.com. If you find these 3 buttons, and you click them, you’ll be surely taken into the Amazon page.

and this one

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Product Images

We are concerned about the copyrighted picture. Instead of uploading the copyrighted pictures, we use the product pictures given by Amazon.com. This product image is unique, we don’t need to upload them. Simply copy and paste the code. However, this code contains affiliated links. Therefore, most of the product images are affiliated links in this blog.


Some text can also contain affiliate links. It’s when we refer to a consumer review in come cases.