Best Straight Edge

Straight edge is mechanical equipment primarily used for straightness checking of a certain surface. But it can extend for flatness checking as well. And any light source that is put near the surface being checked will pass through if the gap exists. Not only for straightness and flatness inspection but also for drawing precise lines. … Read more

Best Machinist Square

A machinist square or engineer square lets you use its inside and outside corners, which means you can check for inside and outside squareness. Compared to the other squares, the machinist square is more accurate. It comes with a grade that represents its tolerance level. The lower-grade machinist square can be used directly as a … Read more

Best Clamp Meters for HVAC

Clamp meters are essential measuring instruments to add to your toolbox if working in HVAC. They come in handy when measuring currents and voltages anywhere in the system. However, you cannot just buy any clamp meter you find in the market because such products have varying capabilities. The modern-day clamp meters do more than just … Read more

Best Function Generator

A function generator is unavoidable if you are an electrical circuit designer, technician, or product quality auditor. As the name suggests, function generators produce electrical waveforms for testing other equipment and systems. They are one of the most commonly used in test and development systems. Function generators come in all forms, and different types also … Read more

Best Box Beam Level

Just like masons, carpenters, builders, all specialty construction craftsmen, etc., they need to be geared up properly so that they can work great towards engineering structural plans efficiently. In the case of tools to check level or plumb, they need a box beam level. The box beam spirit level helps the professionals ensure the project … Read more

Best Height Gauge

A height gauge is a very helpful tool for machinists. It is used for measuring the height of small parts, comparing the heights, and marking them. Once you get a height gauge, you can accurately measure the heights without worrying about even a tiny error. You can choose the vernier or dial or digital model. … Read more

Best I-Beam Level

The I-beam spirit level gives you a more lightweight option rather than the box beam model. Although lightweight, if you purchase the best one that offers you good material and quality build, it will be durable to use in harsh environments. Jobs such as builders in construction will thank this stuff. Are you searching for … Read more

Best Signal Generator

Signal generators are testing equipment used in different applications. The most common ones include testing complex communication systems, measuring the frequency response of amplifiers, and aligning the frequency response devices. You may need a signal generator for designing, testing, and troubleshooting electronics circuits. Unlike function generators capable of producing multiple waveforms, signal generators are limited … Read more

Best Inside Micrometer

If you want to measure the external diameter of an object, an outside micrometer would be the right tool. But, when it comes to measuring the internal diameter of a slot or a hole with greater accuracy and precision, an inside micrometer would be the right choice. Although they serve the same purpose, not all … Read more

Best Depth Micrometer

A depth micrometer, as the name suggests, is used to measure depth. But we can do that by using vernier depth calipers too, then why do we need a depth micrometer? Well, the answer is pretty simple. A depth micrometer offers you better accuracy and precision than a depth caliper. A depth micrometer is a … Read more