Repeatability in Measurement

Repeatability is a term in metrology that is an important aspect to consider when you are going to use a certain measuring tool if you demand a high degree of precision. It also indicates the quality of measurement provided by your tool. What is Repeatability? Simply, repeatability is a condition of how consistent the measuring … Read more

How to Use Dial Indicator

One thing you have to always keep in mind when using a dial indicator is the angle that it shapes to the surface must be 90°. In other words, the plunger and the surface being measured must be perpendicular. This angle is important in order to obtain correct measurement results and prevent cosine error. Though … Read more

Best Digital Indicator

When people demand speed, a digital indicator comes as the star. The digital indicator is the electronic version of the dial indicator. Instead of calculating the two scales, a digital indicator shows the reading on the screen which lets you quickly know the measurement result. You don’t need to manually read the smaller and the … Read more

List of Electronic Measuring Instruments

You are indeed about to use a multimeter, oscilloscope, clamp meter, capacitor tester, etc which are classified as electronic measuring instruments when your job is in regard to the electronic world. Some of the electronic measuring instrument’s basic working principle is to send or create signals to stimulate and get the responses of electronic components … Read more

Best Dial Bore Gauge

Dial bore gauge allows you to measure the internal diameter of a cylinder hole with better speed and accuracy. As the name suggests, it comes with a dial indicator to display the reading in real-time. The long shaft lets you reach the internal diameter down the deeper area. Since it’s used to measure the hole’s … Read more

Best Atomic Clock Reviews

Being excellent at time management is a skill that almost everyone truly desires in the world. To do that, there is a need to use a timekeeping device, called a clock. The clock has been developed through the ages of utilizing pendulum, replaced by the quartz crystal, and then modernized by precise oscillations of cesium … Read more

Best Altimeter Reviews

An altimeter is an instrument used by people to measure altitude. The altitude information is vital and crucial for some occupations. Jobs such as pilots (both aircraft and spacecraft) determines the flight procedures based on many parameters. One of them is altitude information, which plays a significant role. Other jobs such as mountaineers (hikers) and … Read more

Best Protractor

A protractor is an essential tool to measure an angle. It’s also used to draw an angle. There are several types of protractors. And, due to its shape, we cannot use a certain type for any purpose. The protractor used to measure a 2D angle is different from a 3D angle. In terms of their … Read more

Best Oscilloscope

Working or simply being a hobbyist in the electronic world will soon force you to need and use the test instrument called an oscilloscope. An oscilloscope provides you more information than the standard multimeter (both analog and digital) by graphically showing you the waveform of voltage that can then be analyzed for some properties such … Read more

Measuring Tools in Workshop

Accuracy and simplicity are two priority things in metalworking. And that’s why designers and engineers use varieties of measuring tools in workshops. There are a lot of tools we might need to design our complete model. And thus, we are here to summarize each of the tools we might need in metalworking workshops. In each … Read more