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FullyInstrumented.com is created by someone who majors in Electronic Instrumentation. The site is intended to provide helpful content for those who are interested in measuring instruments, especially those who want to buy their new one.

The author was also a blogger. He did a lot of writing, just anything. And loves cat.

We are sorry to say that we can’t tell our real author name for a security reason that we can’t explain now. However, we will reveal ourself soon after the condition gets possible.

Electronic instrumentation + Blogger = FullyInstrumented.com

Here, on FullyInstrumented.com, we are dedicated to providing high-quality reading related to measuring instruments. The readers will find a ton of guide and product reviews.

It’s not about musical instruments here. We are focusing on measuring devices. As some people might consider instruments as musical devices, therefore we think we have to claim it. FullyInstrumented.com is strongly not intended to that type of scope area.

We expect you to find us helpful.

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