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This special page will take you through the purpose of this site, what value we provide, and the backgrounds of our writers.

Our Purpose

FullyInstrumented is focused on discussing tools, devices, instruments, and equipment for detection, measurement, inspection, monitoring, and gauging across various different industry areas such as metalworking, woodworking, machining, surveying, carpentry, architecture, automotive, quality control, 3 printing, and many more.

And therefore, we are backed up by writers from many disciplines of knowledge.

We provide content from various aspects as well, though we tend to review products. The basic understanding, how to use guide, how to maintain, calibration guide, etc. are some of the typical topics that we serve.

Especially the calibration guide, this is important to determine whether your instrument or precision tool is accurate or not; to help people educate their products. The proper use guide is also critical aspect to discuss as it can make sure you can implement less error practice to your tools.

For product reviews, we enjoy packaging the information scattered around the web, surely from trusted sources such as official sites and real users on Youtube.

Who We Are

When reading our articles, you may wonder who are the authors behind this site. You ask this question because you need to assure yourself before truly trusting our articles (guide, tips, tutorials, recommendations, etc).

That’s a wise question.

Without further ado, let us introduce ourselves and the purpose of this site. That includes our background (education) which becomes a motor in the process of crafting the content.

1. Hazel Briz

Hazel Briz

Hazel’s Linkedin

Hazel Briz is a Quality Control Engineer. She worked for several companies. Her experiences make her a great person that knows better in engineering terms and metrology.

2. Mift H

Mift’s Linkedin | Twitter

Mift H holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Instrument.

During college, Mift contributed to a team of several students and lecturers that worked together with the purpose of generating renewable energy. Among several types of renewable energy, they focus on energy from water and also bioethanol.

They separated hydrogen from water and turned the hydrogen to be fuel. However, this project isn’t completely at the end of its purpose. To keep going, they mix the hydrogen with bioethanol. It is also mixed with other conventional motor fuels to see its result in terms of fuel-saving. The mixed one is then transferred to the piston to burn.

Nicely, the project was funded by PERTAMINA.

Moreover, Mift is also a laboratory assistant in Basic Electronic Laboratory during his college. He assisted and guided students to run several experiments related to basic electronics subjects in the lab. The subjects are related to transistors, microcontrollers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc just to name a few.

Other things that Mift is interested in are machining, metrology, metalworking, woodworking, and many more; surely things that still relate to the use of Physics in life.

3. Robert Ochieng

Robert O

Robert’s LinkedIn

Robert is a talented person who is not only graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering but is also an expert in writing articles. He knows what the audience needs to know about a certain device, then he is straightforward to that point.

4. Sudrajat

Sudrajat’s Twitter

Sudrajat holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Almost having the same background, Sudrajat was a laboratory assistant of Electrical and Electronic Circuits during college. As the lab assistant, he assisted fellow students to conduct experiments about the subjects of electrical and electronic circuitry.

While being an assistant, he was also a member of an Industrial Electronics Laboratory. Here, he managed to complete the final project for the electrical engineering degree under the supervision of the laboratory chief.

The final project was about the omnidirectional robot with three-wheels to identify and detect suspicious objects based on images. The image detection utilizes the OpenCV library as the main reference. The mobile robot was controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as the image detector and signal controller for the movement of the DC motor on each wheel. The H-bridge was used as the motor driver between the controller and the actuator.

Sudrajat was also active in an organization. He was a part of a student organization, especially in the Robotics Department. As of now, he is still active and working as a drafter in a shipbuilding company in Indonesia.


During the process of creating great content, we may make mistakes. We have to say that our method of product selection is entirely from the sources that we take on the web. Articles, online forums, video, customer reviews, official pages, pdf files, etc are the sources that we use as references.

Feel free to contact us on this page.