Squareness Vs. Perpendicularity Vs. Parallelism

Sometimes, it’s not easy to differentiate between squareness, perpendicularity, and parallelism. They are almost the same and have a close correlation. Even, squareness and perpendicularity are frequently used interchangeably while they are actually different. On this great occasion, we are glad to present an article that covers the explanation of these terms. Differences Among Squareness, … Read more

Distance Vs. Displacement

In physics, we frequently come across confusing terms, which may require further attention to understand for some people. Some of those terms are distance and displacement. Actually, these two terms are used to express length. But in physics, it’s too rough to say length. Therefore, the term “length” needs to be detailed. In our life, … Read more

Runout Vs. Total Runout: What is the Core Difference?

In engineering, the requirement to know what to measure on a day-to-day basis is essential. You have to know what to check for all shapes, sizes, and axes, including spherical or cylindrical. While doing those jobs, it means you are going to measure runout and total runout. It is usually noted for parts or components … Read more

Level Vs. Plumb – What is the Difference?

Do you want to check how straight or flat a surface is in either vertical (plumb) or horizontal (level) planes?¬†Also maybe you’ve been asked to test both but are unsure where to start? Take it easy because this article is about to discuss being plumb vs. being level. And hopefully, it will help shed some … Read more

How to Measure Squareness

Maybe, you need to check how square an object is but are not sure how to do that. If you need an object to be square, accurate and uniform, it is essential to know how this can be checked and even measured accurately. This article will inform you briefly on how to measure squareness with … Read more

What is Squareness?

Do you want to check how square a block is but are not sure what squareness exactly is? Maybe, you also want to know how to express the degree of squareness in number. Aside from that, you are wondering whether there is something exist a perfect square. We will be discussing about them all here. … Read more

Tolerance Vs. Allowance

Tolerance and allowance may be frequently understood for some people. This is not weird because these two terms have a great relation in defining the limits of a dimension. Basically, tolerance and allowance are used to describe the limits of an object dimension so that the dimension is acceptable for mechanical parts and machine parts … Read more