Best Stud Finder

Stud finders, as their name suggests, are for finding studs buried deep into the walls. You should know where they are located if you want to drill the wall to hang something or for other installations. Stud finders are simple devices for detecting studs in the drywall. But things can be hidden behind the walls. … Read more

Best Wall Scanner

Do you need to drill the wall to mount a new device such as a TV or just a renovation project? If you have done it before, you know it is never a straightforward process. The wall interior may contain electrical lines, plumbing fixtures, and screws that hold your drywall panels in place. Drilling blindly … Read more

What is Visual Fault Locator?

The Visual Fault Locator (VFL), like the continuity tester, is an essential instrument in any fiber optic tool kit. The VFL is not one of the cheapest instruments in your toolbox. Function It will help you to easily discover optical fiber breakage or macro bends, as well as a bad fusion splice in multimode or … Read more

What is Underground Cable Fault Locator?

A million miles of cable were stretched across the air between countries until recently. It is now, however, put underground, which is a bigger area than the old method. Because harsh weather conditions, such as pollution, severe rainfall, snow, and storms, have no effect on subsurface lines. However, when a problem occurs in a cable, … Read more

Best Magnetic Locator

A magnetic locator is an instrument used to locate ferrous metals. Commonly, we use it to locate underground buried objects such as iron stakes, mag nails, pk nails, survey monuments, rebar, steel well casings, pipe joints, septic tank handles, manhole cover, cast iron pipes, valve boxes, underground oil storage tanks, and even unexploded ordnances. For … Read more