Accuracy Vs Precision

Accuracy and precision are some of the most fundamental things in measurement system. These two terms represent how good a certain measuring/sensing instrument. It determines how appropriate a measuring instrument to a particular application. However, in some cases, it’s kind of confusing to differentiate them. Sometimes people say, it’s a high precision instrument. On the … Read more

158 Physical Quantities and Units

Physical quantities and units are among the basic things in measurement that you have to know. When learning about physics, engineering, instrumentation, and metrology, you are not far from physical quantities and units. In regard to buying a measuring device, it goes the same thing, physical quantities and units are the most fundamental thing you … Read more

What is Instrumentation?

Instrumentation is the term used to refer both single instrument and a collective of instruments. The single instrument may perform physical quantity detection, measurement, analyzing and even magnification. This single instrument can work together with other instruments to perform a particular task; without being connected using a communication line. On the other hand, a collective … Read more