How Accurate is A Geiger Counter to Measure Ionizing Radiation?

Ionizing radiation belongs to the high energy, short wavelength, and high-frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body cannot directly detect these radiations and can only be observed or measured using specialized equipment like a Geiger counter. There are different types of Geiger counters available with the main difference in their sensitivity and ability … Read more

Geiger Counter Vs. Dosimeter

Geiger counter and dosimeter are both used for measuring or detecting certain kinds of radiations (ionizing radiation). However, both the devices are meant to perform different tasks and are very different from each other in terms of features and their applications. A Geiger counter (Geiger-Mueller counter) is not a dosimeter, but rather an ionizing radiation … Read more

Best Geiger Counter Reviews

Geiger counter measures the amount of radioactivity by counting the particles that hit the detector (Geiger Muller tube). This gas-filled type instrument, in turn, generates pulses that represent the number of particles hitting the gas atoms inside the tube. The Geiger counter’s unit reading is actually CPM (counts per minute) or CPS (counts per second). … Read more