How to Calibrate A Protractor

How to know that your protractor is accurate? What is the way to assess that your protractor’s accuracy is still within the permissible accuracy (tolerance)? What if your protractor actually needs a replacement? All of these questions can be answered with a protractor calibration. This article will provide a basic idea of the techniques for calibrating … Read more

Best Machinist Square

A machinist square or engineer square lets you use its inside and outside corners, which means you can check for inside and outside squareness. Compared to the other squares, the machinist square is more accurate. It comes with a grade that represents its tolerance level. The lower-grade machinist square can be used directly as a … Read more

Best Box Beam Level

Just like masons, carpenters, builders, all specialty construction craftsmen, etc., they need to be geared up properly so that they can work great towards engineering structural plans efficiently. In the case of tools to check level or plumb, they need a box beam level. The box beam spirit level helps the professionals ensure the project … Read more

Best I-Beam Level

The I-beam spirit level gives you a more lightweight option rather than the box beam model. Although lightweight, if you purchase the best one that offers you good material and quality build, it will be durable to use in harsh environments. Jobs such as builders in construction will find this stuff worth buying. When considering … Read more

Best Bubble Level

Bubble levels help in identifying the plumb and level of any surface. This is an old tool generally used by builders, carpenters, and even common people to hang a painting right. These levels have a bubble in their vials which indicates the levelness of two lines, surfaces, poles, or posts. The accuracy of a bubble … Read more

Best Post Level

Levels and plumbs are important for many home-improvement projects. Post level is one of the vial based levelling tools that you need to use at times. Post levels ensure that your vertical spaces are plumb and horizontal surfaces are level. You can use post levels to see the level of a countertop and shelf. At … Read more

Best Digital Protractor

A digital protractor is an electronic tool that measures angles with unparalleled accuracy and convenience. You get a display screen on it that shows you accurate measurements instantly. But are all digital protractors the same? Not at all…they come with different features, pros and cons, applications, and obviously different prices. In addition to that, digital … Read more

Best Digital Level

A digital level gives you more time saving and convenience. Unlike reading the vial bubble that may contain a reading error, a digital level can tell you exactly that a certain surface is truly level (0°). Not only does it reduce error, but it also speeds up the process of reading. Therefore, many professionals prefer … Read more

Best Pocket Level

No doubt that longer spirit levels are more accurate and are preferred by professionals, but when it comes to convenience, pocket levels are the best. Pocket levels are usually only 3 to 4 inches in size and as their name suggests, they can easily fit into your pocket. They can be very handy for construction … Read more

Best Machinist Level

There are many professions that require a machinist level, including aerospace engineering, automotive manufacturing, manufacturing, and machining. Machinists work in a wide variety of industries including machining, robotics, and aerospace and are responsible for creating and modifying various tools, parts, and products. A machinist level or precision level is a tool to orient, align, and … Read more