Micrometer Calibration Guide

For accurate results, proper functioning and calibration of the micrometer are very necessary. If the functioning of the micrometer is not proper then the achieved results will definitely be inaccurate. Therefore, micrometers should be calibrated at a regular interval in order to ensure accuracy. Calibration has the ability to find out errors in the micrometer. … Read more Micrometer Calibration Guide

Micrometer Working Principle

In short, the idea behind how micrometers work is a combination of these two: the working principle of the differential screw and the distance magnifying that is affected by the thimble diameter. In this page, we only explain the micrometer working principle of the mechanic type one. Differential Screw According to Wikipedia, “A differential screw … Read more Micrometer Working Principle

Micrometer Vs. Caliper: What are the Differences?

According to the definition, either a micrometer or a caliper is an instrument designed to provide highly accurate measurements. They measure linear dimensions such as diameter and thickness. We use them to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. At a glance, it might be difficult to differentiate them from the definition … Read more Micrometer Vs. Caliper: What are the Differences?