Best Inside Micrometer

Inside micrometer allows you measure internal diameter of an object precisely and accurately. An inside micrometer is used by professionals to measure the internal dimensions of pipes, holes, registers, and slots with very high accuracy. There are two types of inside micrometers: analog and digital. The digital model can reach a smallest reading (resolution) down … Read more

Best Depth Micrometer

A depth micrometer, as the name suggests, is used to measure depth. It is a very sensitive tool generally used by machinists and engineers for measuring the depth of holes, bores, shoulders, slots, etc. However, a general rule, to get the best measurement result of depth measurement, you have to pick the best depth micrometer … Read more

Best Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

Have you started a new business or position that requires an ultrasonic coating thickness gauge? Or do you just want to upgrade your outdated equipment? Different products exist in the market. They have varied features and high-cost differences. Some are priced a few hundred dollars, but high-end ultrasound coating thickness gauges can cost thousands. Ultrasonic … Read more

Best Precision Ruler

Precision ruler gives you precision graduation. If you magnify the graduation of a precision ruler, you will see it’s marked carefully and looks neat. High technology of printing must be required to manufacture this type of ruler. The precise equally separated markings make it a precision ruler. This ruler is an important tool in a … Read more

Best Precision Tape Measure

A precision tape measure is one of the most essential tools in your toolbox if you need high accuracy of measurement using a tape measure. Simply, Class 1 tape measures are considered as the precision tape measures due to its precision specification on its graduation. Builders, masons, metalworkers, woodworkers, carpenters, machinists, homeowners, etc use it … Read more

Best Gauge Block Set

A gauge block set is a must-have for machinists, metalworkers, woodworkers, automotive, metrologists, engineers, etc. Mainly they are the length standard either in inspection or calibration labs or machine workshops. These blocks serves as length standard and the set consists of different block lengths. From the smallest to the longest block, their lengths are increments … Read more