Best Outdoor Laser Measure

Have you been using measuring wheels, rolling plan measures, and tape measures for your outdoor field projects and are not satisfied with the results? Well, these devices have a lot of limitations. They can only measure distances within a very limited range, and the results are also not very precise. That is where the laser … Read more

Class I Vs. Class II Vs. Class III Tape Measure

When buying a tape measure, it’s important to consider what class of tape measure is suitable for your project. The difference in class among various tape measures accounts for the difference in their respective accuracy. To be clear, this classification of each tape measure primarily depends on their ability to follow the standards of accuracy … Read more

Engineer Square Vs. Combination Square

Like many other squares, engineer square and combination square can help you establish the right angle, squareness, and perpendicularity. But, they are comparable to doing a certain job. The core difference between engineer square and combination square is accuracy. The engineer square or machinist square is the most precise square among the square models available. … Read more

Framing Square Vs. Speed Square

The other square models that are interesting to learn how they are comparable are the framing square and speed square. These two models are significantly different in several points such as shape, applications, how we use them, features, and the ability to check outside right angle. Meanwhile, they have several similarities such as material, ability … Read more

Combination Square Vs. Speed Square

Different types of tools are used to mark lines and measure the dimensions in wood and metalworking. The square tool is one of the common, durable, straightforward, and easy-to-use tools for those purposes. Basically, all square tools have two sides of their body perpendicular and it functions to check the right angles. However, the square … Read more

Double Square Vs. Combination Square

In woodworking, to measure the dimensions of different parts which are to be crafted or joined together, different tools are used. To check of the two meeting surfaces whether they are perpendicular to each other, squares are used. These square tools commonly consist of two blades that are fixed perpendicular to each other. The angle … Read more