Class I Vs. Class II Vs. Class III Tape Measure

When buying a tape measure, it’s important to consider what class of tape measure is suitable for your project. The difference in class among various tape measures accounts for the difference in their respective accuracy. To be clear, this classification of each tape measure primarily depends on their ability to follow the standards of accuracy … Read more

Engineer Square Vs. Combination Square

Like many other squares, engineer square and combination square can help you establish the right angle, squareness, and perpendicularity. But, they are comparable to doing a certain job. The core difference between engineer square and combination square is accuracy. The engineer square or machinist square is the most precise square among the square models available. … Read more

How to Check the Accuracy of Square Tool

As there are different types of square tools you can choose, picking the right one is important to match the type of your work and accomplish your project swiftly. Unfortunately, having the right tool is not enough, you have to make sure that this square tool is accurate as well. So, what to know that … Read more

Rafter Square Vs. Speed Square

Rafter square, speed square, triangle square, and rafter angle square are actually the same tools in spite of their different names. This tool is used for a range of applications such as measuring, layout, marking, and scribing guide, it acts as a saw guide for 90- and 45-degree cuts, establishes perpendicular angles, and makes rafters. … Read more

Framing Square Vs. Speed Square

The other square models that are interesting to learn how they are comparable are the framing square and speed square. These two models are significantly different in several points such as shape, applications, how we use them, features, and the ability to check outside right angle. Meanwhile, they have several similarities such as material, ability … Read more