Best Precision Ruler

Precision ruler gives you precision graduation. If you magnify the graduation of a precision ruler, you will see it’s marked carefully and looks neat. High technology of printing must be required to manufacture this type of ruler. The precise equally separated markings make it a precision ruler. This ruler is an important tool in a … Read more

Straight Edge Vs. Ruler

Wondering about the differences between straightedge and ruler? Indeed, both of them look like a long blade, but they are not the same. Are you confused about which one to use for your project? This page will cover the answers to those questions. Ruler 1. Function A ruler is one of the most common and … Read more

Engineer Square Vs. Combination Square

Like many other squares, engineer square and combination square can help you establish the right angle, squareness, and perpendicularity. But, they are comparable to doing a certain job. The core difference between engineer square and combination square is accuracy. The engineer square or machinist square is the most precise square among the square models available. … Read more

Framing Square Vs. Speed Square

The other square models that are interesting to learn how they are comparable are the framing square and speed square. These two models are significantly different in several points such as shape, applications, how we use them, features, and the ability to check outside right angle. Meanwhile, they have several similarities such as material, ability … Read more

Combination Square Vs. Speed Square

Different types of tools are used to mark lines and measure the dimensions in wood and metalworking. The square tool is one of the common, durable, straightforward, and easy-to-use tools for those purposes. Basically, all square tools have two sides of their body perpendicular and it functions to check the right angles. However, the square … Read more

Double Square Vs. Combination Square

In woodworking, to measure the dimensions of different parts which are to be crafted or joined together, different tools are used. To check of the two meeting surfaces whether they are perpendicular to each other, squares are used. These square tools commonly consist of two blades that are fixed perpendicular to each other. The angle … Read more

Engineer Square Vs. Try Square

The degree of how an object is exactly like a square shape is squareness. It has a correlation with straightness, perpendicularity, parallelism, and 90-degree angle. And we express squareness in a tolerance value. One of the prevalent shapes used as a reference for geometric conformity of squareness is a square tool. However, there are many … Read more

Best Framing Square

A framing square is considered an angle gauge and it’s another type of square tool. The most application of framing square is in carpentry and building such as roofing, stairway, and many more. Not only for checking 90-degree corners (squareness) but also for layout, marking, and scribing. Therefore, it incorporates some tables and scales that … Read more

Best Speed Square

In woodworking and carpentry, several square tools can spring in mind when it comes to checking squareness, measuring small distances, and marking out on wood. A speed square is one of them. It is a triangle-shaped instrument with a t-edge, line guide, scribing holes, right angle, protractor, ruler, diamond hole, common scale, hip scale, and … Read more