Best Function Generator

A function generator is unavoidable if you are an electrical circuit designer, technician, or product quality auditor. As the name suggests, function generators produce electrical waveforms for testing other equipment and systems. They are one of the most commonly used in test and development systems. Function generators come in all forms, and different types also … Read more

Best Box Beam Level

Just like masons, carpenters, builders, all specialty construction craftsmen, etc., they need to be geared up properly so that they can work great towards engineering structural plans efficiently. In the case of tools to check level or plumb, they need a box beam level. The box beam spirit level helps the professionals ensure the project … Read more

Best I-Beam Level

The I-beam spirit level gives you a more lightweight option rather than the box beam model. Although lightweight, if you purchase the best one that offers you good material and quality build, it will be durable to use in harsh environments. Jobs such as builders in construction will thank this stuff. Are you searching for … Read more

Best Signal Generator

Signal generators are testing equipment used in different applications. The most common ones include testing complex communication systems, measuring the frequency response of amplifiers, and aligning the frequency response devices. You may need a signal generator for designing, testing, and troubleshooting electronics circuits. Unlike function generators capable of producing multiple waveforms, signal generators are limited … Read more

Best Inside Micrometer

Inside micrometer allows you measure internal diameter of an object precisely and accurately. An inside micrometer is used by professionals to measure the internal dimensions of pipes, holes, registers, and slots with very high accuracy. There are two types of inside micrometers: analog and digital. The digital model can reach a smallest reading (resolution) down … Read more

Best Depth Micrometer

A depth micrometer, as the name suggests, is used to measure depth. It is a very sensitive tool generally used by machinists and engineers for measuring the depth of holes, bores, shoulders, slots, etc. However, a general rule, to get the best measurement result of depth measurement, you have to pick the best depth micrometer … Read more

Best Bubble Level

Bubble levels help in identifying the plumb and level of any surface. This is an old tool generally used by builders, carpenters, and even common people to hang a painting right. These levels have a bubble in their vials which indicates the levelness of two lines, surfaces, poles, or any other posts. The accuracy of … Read more

Best Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

Have you started a new business or position that requires an ultrasonic coating thickness gauge? Or do you just want to upgrade your outdated equipment? Different products exist in the market. They have varied features and high-cost differences. Some are priced a few hundred dollars, but high-end ultrasound coating thickness gauges can cost thousands. Ultrasonic … Read more

Best Continuity Tester

A continuity tester is a measuring instrument used by electricians and DIYers in checking electrical circuits. These inexpensive battery-powered devices comprise a cord, a probe, and an alligator clip for hooking it to an electrical circuit. As the name suggests, they help you identify an opening in an electrical circuit. Unlike other electrical measuring instruments, … Read more