Laser Measure Working Principle

A laser measure is a measuring instrument that measures the length, height, and width of various objects. Unlike a typical metal tape measure, it uses a laser beam to get the required measurements. A typical tape measure uses a metal blade that extends out to get the measurements. It may bend or sag but the laser measure gets the job done accurately and easily. A laser measure is very handy to use because it allows a single individual to work with it using one hand.

laser measure working principle

Working Principle

When the beam hit the target spot, it reflects back. The time taken by the beam to reach the spot and the time taken by the beam to reflect, are the two events that provide the measurements. The time taken by these two occurrences is then converted to the distance which is generated electronically on the display of the laser measure. The working principle is the calculation of the time taken by the beam to hit the target and to reflect back.

How Does It Work?

In order to take the accurate measurements of any wall, pipe or conduit, the operator needs to find a solid target that the laser beam will hit. If in case, there is no target such as a wall or a poll, the operator can put a target at the desired spot. The target must be non-reflective and non-porous. If the target is reflective or porous then there is a chance of inaccuracy of the measurements taken.

Once the right target is set, the laser measure can be placed on the extreme opposite side of the target to calculate the distance between the two points. This is the important part; the laser measure must be placed at the right spot and at a right angle to get the accurate measurements. When the laser measure is finally adjusted, the button can be pushed and the laser beam will hit the target. The readings of the distance will automatically be generated on the display of the laser measure.

The laser measures have a memory as well. Some of the laser measures can save up to 30 measurements which can be used to complete a project. These saved measurements can be helpful for future use as well.

In some of the laser measures, you can take multiple measurements at the same time. Also, the laser measures allow you to add multiple measurements as well. In order to make sure that you get accurate readings, several measurements should be taken in order to confirm the calculated results.

Unlike metal tape measures, laser measures are safe and convenient. They are faster to use. You can calculate the distance between two points quite faster as compared to a metal tape measure. you don’t have to climb ladders to take the measurements when you have the laser measure.

Make sure that the surface doesn’t have bright sunlight because the sunlight can have a negative impact on the calculations. Laser measures are versatile, quick and easy to use as compared to a metal tape measure.

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