6 Tips Taking Care of A Tape Measure

One of the reasons why you should choose tape measures as your length measuring tool is their easy-to-maintain advantage while it provides great functions that you can’t obtain from an ordinary length measuring tool. Even though easy, if you don’t take care of it properly, it will break apart early. Here are some simple tips for taking care of a tape measure that you can do to maintain your tape measures.

1. Stay Away from Water

If your tape is known as made of iron material, it has a big chance to corrode. That being said, try as much as possible to keep the tape from getting water. If your tape is wet, you can use a cloth to clean and dry it. It’s possible that the water gets into the inside case. If this happens, it’s better off you open up the case and dry clean it. You don’t want the spring to get corroded then disturb your work, do you?

2. Avoid Unwanted Temperature

Another tip to do is to keep your tape from destructive temperature. This also happens to tapes made of metal such as steel and iron. They expand when exposed to high temperatures. Whereas, steel and iron stretch when exposed to low temperature. If you use metallic tape in a higher temperature area, your tape measure probably performs worse due to the inaccuracy of the tape that is caused by the expanded material. If you have to work under this circumstance, avoid the metallic and choose the heat-resistant one.

3. Use It Carefully

We’d like to say that you also need to take care of your tape measure by using it carefully. Try not to let your tape rewind wildly. Not only can it endanger your fingers, but also other parts of your body. Moreover, an uncontrolled rewinding tape can damage the hook and cause it to break apart. You absolutely cannot guarantee the safety of your eyes if the hook that breaks apart hits your eyes, can you? You might not see the hook break apart but it potentially causes inaccuracy because the hook slides longer than usual. Furthermore, the repetitive out-and-in blade can fade the markings, a careful use may retard it.

4. Save It in A Dry Place

Taking care of a tape measure: Measuring Tape Toolbox

Make sure to save it in a secure and dry place. You can save them in your toolbox and put them in a dry area. Don’t forget to place them at a place which is far away from children’s reach in case it can injure them. Just to remind you that both the blade and the metal hook are sharp enough to endanger your children’s hands, mouths, and even eyes. If it’s possible, save it in a covered or locked toolbox.

5. Regular Checking

Do proper checking and replacing (if possible) regularly. If you are a professional carpenter or other similar workers, accuracy and comfort might be two things that you emphasize a lot in your tape measure in order to ensure the great result of works. A suddenly breaking-down tape while working must be very disturbing. In other words, regular checking is important.

6. Use Tape Measure Holder/Holster

A tape measure holder/holster is used to store the tape temporarily near our waist. When you are climbing a ladder, putting the tape measure in a secure place can overwhelm your job. Using the tape holster lets you easily secure it in your belt. Some models allow you to hook the holster in your pant pocket. This holster protects your tape from collision, water, and dust. In turn, it extends your tape life.

The reason behind your tape meter breaks out may come from bad quality. However, improper use also can cause it. Therefore, above are some tips for taking care of a tape measure that you can consider to extend your tape measure lifespan. It’s easy and inexpensive but affects longer.

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